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Jaap's birthday

Today is my father's birthday! I mean it's almost over now (it's 23:55) but today there were a lot of people in the house. Nice. Tomorrow... programming again.


Just finished reading "Dinosaur Beach" of Kei

Just finished reading "Dinosaur Beach" of Keith Laumer. Really worth reading! That is, of course, if you like SF.


Just on time at the VU

I'm just on time at the VU; because it's a holiday all the desks close at 16:00. But I made it, now I have the books I need. A good friend e-mailed that his computer was behaving weird; I suggested him to use a virusscanner and indeed -- sth called "w95.hybrid.sth".



Spent the evening with Jelly yesterday, nice.

Today I´m going to the VU, have to pay 20 guilders because some books are late... This afternoon back to programming.


Beer at U2 concerts

One of my friends went to the U2 concerts these days, therefore I'm not surprised at this article at Fokzine that the total amount of beer used at the concerts was equal to a whole year of regular beer consumption by the supporters of the local soccer club. Cheers! :)


Much better now everybody's here

It's a lot more pleasant now everybody's here... but still... iskam mnogo, mnogo, mnogo pri mojata priatelka.


Everybody's coming home

Yesterday I had a drink at work and later went to see Steven (Indonesian dinner!). My parents came home yesterday night, Ettie & Gerben came back this afternoon. Because I spent the night in Alkmaar I didn't have time to clean... :)


Exercise 1: ERROR

Exercise 1: ERROR, kernel does not return correct messages
Exercise 2: ERROR, any user (*) isn't handled correctly and the
user program doesn't report a failure when an removed acl
is read.
Exercise 3: OK


Went to my work today, tomorrow and Friday al

Went to my work today, tomorrow and Friday also. Then weekend, but I'm going to study for the test of the 24th, 'organisation & management'. Some people have trouble logging in; seems to have something to do with the sessions (maybe cookies? maybe not.). I'm curious what it is!


Minix deadline tomorrow

Today I went to the VU because I knew I left some debug statements in one of the exercises. And debug statements would definately mess up the teacher's testing scripts, so they're not a Good Thing. Also, when I was fixing this I tested my memory compaction exercise, and... it didn't work! I got scared, I mean some bugs can take many days and the test-deadline is tomorrow... however it turned out to be something quite simple. So hopefully they'll all work. Not very sure though about exercise one, msglog. We'll see.

As for Guus going very well! I'm doing some real cool stuff in the VIP users section: an addressbook! It's not in production yet but one of these days I'll put it on-line and send some people an accountname for logging in.


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