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Studying Dutch with Opa

There is something incredibly powerful about seeing Nora and Jaap work together. They worked on the Dutch course material for 90 minutes or so. Jaap is more patient than I am and it was a very effective session, it seems, on the difference between ij and ei, among other things.


Good Friday

It's a day off for me and Jaap and I took the kids to a playground near the German bakery. It stayed dry all morning and we spent a nice two hours there.


Digging a trench

I had fond memories of digging trenches when I was a little kid, in our parents backyard in Opperdoes. We'd play with the smurfs, and mud and water.

The other day I noticed that the dirt around the tiles in the backyard was dug out -- Adrian and Leo were adamant that I wasn't supposed to put the dirt back in.


Problems with the website

This might be a little bit of a futile message, but I'm having significant issues with the site's stability. This started after I upgraded a set of packages (yum update) and also did some minor Drupal upgrades. I don't believe it's related to the latter, something seems to be not quite right for php-fpm.

Anyway, it is a good lesson on using AWS's options about backups etc.




We went for haircuts after gymnastics today. For Adrian in particular it made a huge difference.


Sunday afternoon

It's nice to have a quiet Sunday afternoon, and things are looking great for the spring.

I spent some time with Leo -- he completed 7 or 8 pages of the schoolbook -- and Adrian, who also worked on two sheets with words ("maan" and "roos"). It's nice to be able to pick this back up. I wanted a break so instead of doing homework with Nora I gave her a new book to read. This is the beauty of the fact that she can now read so well -- she's reading and learning Dutch all by herself. The book is one from the Geronimo Stillton series. If she likes it there's plenty of more to find.


Checking out Clarendon Circle

They're building a bigger sidewalk on Clarendon Circle and we went to take a look today.

Always nice to see sidewalks being expanded, especially at this crossing which is part of my running route.

Looks like it's about 6 to 8 weeks away from completion.


Back to work for Nora

It's been a very busy two weeks. Today we're getting back to normal, which is excellent. I had time for a run, and this afternoon I worked with Nora on her Dutch. She's still a little more tired than normal, but things went well and she did a chapter of both Spelling in Beeld and Taal in Beeld.

The beautiful thing is, even though I didn't have any time for her Dutch, she still kept up by reading books for herself. She re-read the 2nd Vos en Haas bundle today, a big book with almost 300 pages, and she read some of the Lijsters that Mieke had sent.

The Taal in Beeld exercises are challenging -- "write a text about an animal" and provide excellent training.

Two chapters is less than what we normally do on a Saturday -- she is still a little weaker than normal -- but it's great to back to normal life a little bit.


American Legion/APAH plan approved

The American Legion/APAH plan was officially approved by the County Board today. This is the development in our neighborhood that I was part of the Site Plan Review Committee for.

I couldn't attend today but watched the discussion via livestream. Good discussion on the future east-west connection.


Hunt Valley Towne Center

Today is Marten Luther King Day. It was very cold today, with a strong wind, so went to a shopping mall.

We had lunch at Panera and afterwards did grocery shopping for the week at Wegmans.


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