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The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner: And Other Stories

Nora read her first Terry Pratchett book; she finished it on Halloween today. I'm a proud father.

The book is _The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner: And Other Stories_, a collection of short stories Pratchett wrote when he was still a teenager.



Leo and Adrian, discussing some plans: "na het corona, of misschien in het weekend..."


Day 184


Last night I went for a walk after dinner and I saw that they are making nice progress on the sidewalk at Johnson St. So many times we walked there with the stroller!


Day 165

The house we are staying in is huge. During normal times, it is often rented as a bed & breakfast with 5 rooms, but we have the place for ourselves during Covid-19. The pool is fabulous. It's a full sized pool and deep enough for me to jump into and for Sasha and I to do laps. The kids are having a terrific time. There are also a lot of pool toys.

It's a great routine -- a quick breakfast outside, swimsuits and of we are to the pool. Very convenient.


Day 121


A few days ago, during the big storm that also caused some flooding in the basement, the wall in the yard fell over.

It had been shaky for as long as we live here -- a previous owner put it together with various types of brick and concrete but it wasn't done very well. Anyway, it came down and today I broke it in smaller pieces. It was leaning against one of the pillars of our deck and I didn't like that idea, cause it could damage that important pillar.


No training wheels

Tonight Nora bicycled for the first time without her training wheels and it went great! We are very proud.

On the photo you can still see the training wheels, but they are all the way up and not helping her at all.


Day 55

For the second time I tried to make sourdough with my levain (starter). The first attempt, a few days ago, wasn't a success, mostly because I didn't have enough time to bake it and I threw out the dough. Today things didn't start too good either -- after 3 hours the dough had hardly risen. But I didn't throw it out and left it for several more hours and only at 6.00 pm I started baking it. And it worked! There was a nice oven spring and the bread came out nice and dark. It smells good -- we will eat it tomorrow for lunch.

I worked with Adrian in the morning and it went well. The spelling of words in Kern 2 is now easy for him -- the only mistake he makes sometimes is between "i" and "e". A few days ago he saw clearly that there is a difference between "d" and "b" -- until then, he didn't quite realize it, but we're getting there. Mieke sent me additional materials for Veilig Leren Lezen, I'll print out a few of those over the weekend for more practice.


Kern 2


Adrian and I were hanging word cards up, to help with reading lessons. It was serious business and afterwards we reviewed the three words.

Then he said: "papa, niemand woont in een nummer" (nobody lives in a number), so funny.


Sunday visit to the Gallery of Art

We went to the Gallery of Art yesterday. We had prepared to take the Metro, like Adrian wanted, but it started raining so we took the car instead. I dropped everyone off, and parked 15 minutes away.

It is such a lovely place. We all had a good time. Leo liked the boats, Adrian liked Rembrandt's self-portrait and Nora liked the French impressionists colors.

We looked at several Greek and Roman statues, and the boys had various observations to make.

Here is Leo looking at a model of a Dutch "jacht" -- in the back you can see "View of Hoorn".


Bakfiets to Fort Myer

Nora had a birthday party at the bowling alley in Fort Myer, or Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall as is the new name.

It's 1.4 miles from our home, so I took her by bakfiets. It was a gorgeous ride. The weather is incredible today, 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Driving through Lyon Park was fun and it connects very nicely to the Arlington Boulevard trail. Entering Ft Myer was interesting -- there was no need to wait in line like the cars had to.

Going back home was not easy though. I took the exit at Iwo Jima -- leaving me at the bottom of the Rosslyn hill. Next time, I'm going back home the same way we came.


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