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Bakfiets to Fort Myer

Nora had a birthday party at the bowling alley in Fort Myer, or Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall as is the new name.

It's 1.4 miles from our home, so I took her by bakfiets. It was a gorgeous ride. The weather is incredible today, 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Driving through Lyon Park was fun and it connects very nicely to the Arlington Boulevard trail. Entering Ft Myer was interesting -- there was no need to wait in line like the cars had to.

Going back home was not easy though. I took the exit at Iwo Jima -- leaving me at the bottom of the Rosslyn hill. Next time, I'm going back home the same way we came.



A script I wrote a few years ago to help me with pictures on the website stopped working... It assumed every year started with 201, haha.

FoundPos := RegExMatch(clipboard, "^201[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].*\.[jJ][pP][gG]", FoundFileName)


New Year's walk

We went for a walk "in the woods", at Donaldson Run.


Move screening "Why we cycle"

We went to the screening of Why We Cycle today, a lovely Dutch movie about the hidden beneficial effects of bicycling. After the film I was part of a panel discussion.

The screening was in the Northeast library in Capitol Hill. We arrived just in time, and found good seats on the front row. There was coffee, stroopwafels and Christmas cookies to all five of us where happy (I think the kids had three cookies each).

It was a beautiful film, very well made. It was fun to hear the interviews in Dutch, the kids picked up on it too. At one point we saw twin boys in a bakfiets -- they looked very much like Leo and Adrian!

The panel was fun too. Other folks on the panel where Katherine W. who lived in The Hague for two years, Jeremiah Lowery, Advocacy Director at WABA and Alan Page, an attorney and artist from DC.

The screening was organized by Greg Matlesky and underwritten by The Daily Rider and Friends of the Northeast Library (thank you).

The kids were very well behaved. They patiently sat through the one hour movie, and even the beginning of the panel after which Sasha took them to roam around the library. Once we were in the car (!) to go home, Adrian fell asleep right away. Everyone's a little under the weather it seems.


Paw Patrol werkjes

The boys were downstairs at 7.30 am, and they are doing Paw Patrol "werkjes" over breakfast. They really enjoy it.

Adrian asked: "papa, hebben Sinterklaas en Piet deze boekje gemaakt?"


Sinterklaas at the Embassy, 2019

We were there early -- right at 12.30 pm -- and the kids all knew what to expect so they enjoyed things more. They played with the Pieten in the beginning, had some pepernoten and looked around with curious eyes. The organization is excellent each year, this year was very smooth also and it was clear that the crew was having a lot of fun too.

Adrian had a long conversation with one of the Pieten. I overheard him say that he didn't like her feather (it was yellow) but that it needed to be black, haha. He has strong opinions, our dear Adrian.

Adrian had big plans to talk with Sinterklaas -- "ik zal hem vragen hoe hij op het dak komt en het paard" and he was going to sing a song. But once he was invited to come over, he was quiet and subdued, the sweet heart. Leo was shy also and when he was done the whole room cheered him on, so nice.

Nora had made a drawing for Sinterklaas, a mijter and they had a short conversation. She is never shy.

In the evening, Adrian told us something funny. He has told Sinterklaas that he is "boef lastig" and that Sinterklaas' mouth fell open in surprise, haha.

B.T.R. in Washington, DC

The last time we saw B.T.R. in concert was 21 years ago at NDK in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their big hit Спасение was just released and that winter in 1998 we heard it for the first time. Later, back in Amsterdam, I downloaded their MP3; the very first MP3 I ever heard.

Miriam took take of the kids tonight and Sasha and I had a lovely night together. The concern was in Takoma, MD, about 45 minutes from us.

They played very well -- Nasko's voice is still terrific after all that time. They mixed new songs with old hits, it was a great show. We sang and we danced.

After the show we saw two of the band members off-stage.


New bikelanes on Quincy


The road I bicycle to work on, Quincy, was re-striped last week. The new striping pattern is an improvement over what it was before, in particular where parking was taken away. Slow but steady progress.


Meeting Mark


The other day I met up with Mark, who was in town visiting from Raleigh. It was really nice to see him again. We had coffee and talked for a long time.


A walk at the White House

We went for a walk in the area around the White House. The fence at the White House is being repaired so we walked to the other side for a better view.


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