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To Oma Groen

Today no Minix. The weather was wonderful, and we went to my grandmother in Heereveen. It was very cosy, she moved to a new appartment, beautiful. We had dinner in a good Chinese restaurant, sth like Golden Roses. Next time I'll have number 304 and Kerry Ko again ;)

In the train from Hoorn to Amsterdam we met Alrik, an old friend. In Amsterdam we had to run for the intercity to Duivendrecht; the lady said we didn't have to pay (she didn't know how to handle our strippenkaart). Had great fun: we were sitting to 2 south-Dutch farmers. As Alex and I were talking Bulgarian, they though we were foreigners and I heard "...ze verstaan het toch niet..." (...they don't understand it anyway...) Couldn't keep my laughing, the two were so funny :)

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