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Jonathan is here

Hah, Jonathan arrived safely -- his trip took a lot longer than it should have; but at least he arrived. A luggage-truck crashed into his aircraft while it was loaded with the luggage! "we have good news, and we have bad news: the bad news is that we have a hole in the aircraft and won't be able to fly - the good news is that there'll be another plane in a few hours..."


Jonathan arrives

Jonathan will arrive today! But we heard yesterday that his plane was cancelled, so he had to take another one. It's not for sure what time he'll arrive.


Amsterdam Tournament

Yesterday evening Sasha and me went to Amsterdam for a drink, it was nice. Milan went to the Amsterdam Tournament and saw 2 soccers matches.

Now it's raining quite a lot.


Irena and Ilana arrived!

Back at my work, had a bit longer break, for a very nice reason: Irena and Ilana arrived! They came by train from Brussels, where they arrived this morning from New York. I suppose they must be tired but currently everybody was just very happy to see each other. Sasha's family is together now, and also the grandparents can see Ilanche... they were extremely pleased with that, very happy. To bad I had to go back :)

I'm installing software on my new laptop again. I think that's the 3rd of 4th time in the 2 years I've worked here that I got a new laptop.


To Middenmeer

Another extremely warm day, it actually is summer in Holland!

We'll go to Middenmeer in a while, so our parents will see each other again, nice.


Hammie alive and kicking

We went out for a walk, as it is quite warm in the house. It was 26 degrees outside, around 22:00 o'clock. When we came back I was relieved to see Hammie alive and running -- everything is fine with him. Ettie will pick him up tomorrow evening, we will all mis him!


Hammie dead?!

Moment of stress... Hammie was lying on its back! But he was just asleep, or resting from the heat. Pfff...


Traffic jams: happy we're at home

It's beautiful weather today, the temperature we can see from our windows indicates 31 degrees Celcius.

Happy we're not in the traffic jams (like many other people). we're staying at home all day, having a break. All the windows open. It's busy on the river as well.


The Hague!

We went to The Hague today, the 4 of us. We had a wonderful time, especially in the afternoon when we went to see Madurodam.

Last time I was there was with Sasha, 2 years ago I think. Then we saw somewhere inside how they were working on the Rijksmuseum, and today we saw it complete, outside. It's very very beautiful, therefore a picture (and no, that's not us on the picture).

Picture: Madurodam, Holland in miniature



sasha's mother made ïàëà÷èíêè, pancakes for dinner -- delicious!

Going to bed early tonight as we are leaving to The Hague tomorrow. We'll see the city and Madurodam, a miniature city.


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