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Again the entire day at the VU. Had some really nice plans for tonight but... :(

I've submitted the software half hour ago, now still documentation to do.


Working till late

Came home at 22:00 tonight, spent the evening at the VU. It was pretty crowded as you can imagine ;) Programs work (I think), spent today basically testing (which helped!). Finished the documentation, looks pretty nice, quite some content.
Carpet still wasn't dry but we put it inside. It's a lot cleaner already.


Working all day

Spent the whole day at the VU (that's been a while...) Exercise 2 & 3 are completely done, and all the documentation is pretty much ready. Only typo's and some style things. Tonight I'll have a look at exercise 1 again... But now first the Amsterdamseweg, take the carpet inside.


Code Red

By the way: so many people who still don't realize they're infected with Code Red, unbelievable. They really mess up my log!


No title

Today at work somebody came who was interested in joining Net.Footworks. I was in the conversation with him, always interesting! Left work after lunch, so much stuff to do. Moved the computer, did some stuff on my practical assignment. My father also came, to help us putting the wallpaper and buying new carpet. So we went to the carpet shop, and asked for "something cheap". Turned out that for the whole room we would have to spent around 375 guilders (!). So: no. We went back, and we cleaned the old one, with water and soap (outside of course). A LOT of dark water came out of it ;) Now it's drying... we'll see tomorrow.


Smell's gone!

The room doesn't smell anymore! We fixed it. Alex (yep, she's back) and I went to the Gamma to get Latex and other stuff, to remove smoke smell. We thought this wall caused most of it. So I was carrying 10 liter with me in the bus, but it turned out to be not necessary anymore. The wall hardly smells, and the room was very fresh. It was the carpet: we took it out a few days ago, and it was the thing causing the smell. So, now we're ready to move. Decided to use wallpaper though, not paint (easier to get nice and even). Also met our 2 other roommates (next to Jacco).

Tomorrow to the VU... finishing the practical work (mainly documentation). Today at work we talked about my new contract; the old one expires 1st of September. It worked out well. Didn't expect it different: Net.Footworks is a really nice company with cool people. Today I've been working at a NCR Unix machine, interesting old Unix version ;)



Doing some real cool OO design at my work today, nice! It's good I have some distraction... Alex will arrive tonight.


Pictures BBQ on-line

Jean-Paul has some cool pictures on-line of the big barbecue last Saturday. We had quite some fun when a lady who's name I won't mention damaged her pants :)


I believe exercise 1 is now ready

I believe exercise 1 is now ready also. Still working on a quite sophistaced test-script, should have done this much earlier. I'm trying to make all my premisses explicit, and to make up a test for it as well.


Jaap's birthday

Today is my father's birthday! I mean it's almost over now (it's 23:55) but today there were a lot of people in the house. Nice. Tomorrow... programming again.


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