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We'll be moving the couches! Really curious if it would work. Freek & Edo will be helping me. Thanx guys!


Louis and Rosaria

Louis and Rosaria were here tonight. Rosaria and Sasha spent the afternoon together, and then -nicely unplanned- we decided to have dinner together. Louis, Rosaria's husband came and we had Italian food and wine. Very pleasant.


At my work; very quiet for obvious reasons. I

At my work; very quiet for obvious reasons. I'm the only one here now, maybe in the afternoon a collegue will be here too.


Wonderful morning

Oh, slept in wonderfully this morning... we had the windows open all night; it really makes me sleep so well. I was planning on studying all day but, well, the weather is so nice. Let's hope it will be like this when Sasha's parents arrive! We cleaned a bit in the house already.


Euro vs. Dollar

Today the euro reached parity with the dollar. I think it will stay like that for quite a while, or become go stronger than the dollar, as the last one has been overvaluated for a long time.


Tetris 17 years

Tetris exists 17 year today. Both my mother and grandmother are crazy about it.


Richard's PC

I've been fixing Richard's PC today. Reinstalled Windows, Office, all the usual suspects. Runs a lot faster now. Just a silly problem with a Psion, the synchronisation doesn't work very well. Installing msn messenger now, so I can see if Sasha's online too.


Traveling to Richard

I'll take the bus to Richard in 15 minutes... I hope there'll be some coffee! Yesterday we were home around 1:00 o'clock. I've really enjoyed the party yesterday, very pleasant.

I'm looking forward to the bus also; some 45 minutes just to read ;)


Jennie's birthday party

We're at Jennie's party, it's nice! Had a very delicious dinner, Chinese of course.

It's nice to see quick internet... can hardly wait!


No result

Didn't buy the any clothes; it was too busy in the city, and we couldn't really be bothered. But we bought a (nice) present for Jennie.


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