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My parents are coming for dinner

Tonight my parents are coming for dinner. Work is quite easy today, we had a deadline Friday so it's quiet now. The customer will this week put the our website on-line.


Evening with Ettie & Gerben

Ettie & Gerben were here yesterday, it was very nice! Made pizzas... if you don't mind me saying so: very delicious :)



It's been a while since I've made New Year's resolutions, but this year I've made one. I want to start work at 8:30.

When I worked at Net.Footworks I always started at 9:30 and I kept doing that when I joined Chess. It's nice to be able to wake up at 8:45 am, a time that most people are at their work already. However it also causes me to go home late, eating late, going to bed late, and thus waking up late again. And all that just to sleep in every morning, hmm.

So from now on I'll try to be at Chess at 8:30. This New Year's resolution is not on the list with common New Year's resolutions.


No joy.

Well. There is not a lot of reason for joy these days, everybody will know what I'm talking about. My practical work is tested correctly now though, and that's a nice thought.




Your results of the standard test are:

Exercise 1: OK
Exercise 2: OK
Exercise 3: OK



Blog back online.

Blog back online.


Finallly... going home!

Finallly... going home!


Still at my work

Still at my work, probably gonna be here till late. There's a deadline tomorrow, we want to be sure everything works fine. Testing testing... Too bad; would have liked to go home early.


Well well... quite a weekend! we've finally m

Well well... quite a weekend! we've finally moved, there's almost nothing in Florijn left except 2 sofa's and a clock in the kitchen. It was really tiring! Tonight we'll continue decorating the room, and go to bed early...



Again the entire day at the VU. Had some really nice plans for tonight but... :(

I've submitted the software half hour ago, now still documentation to do.


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