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Didn't buy the any clothes; it was too busy in the city, and we couldn't really be bothered. But we bought a (nice) present for Jennie.


Extra course to be done

Last week my study advisor told me I need 1 more course than I thought I would. This won't interfere with my internship, but at the other hand I would prefer it if this one is ready before I'll start. It should be a course on theoretical computer science. The one I'm thinking of doing is Term Rewriting Systems; the test will be on August 9th. I'll try to do it, but it depends on how difficult it is. My paper on Human Computer Interaction should be ready the 15th of August.

Saw a book of Hofstadter in the library yesterday, I'm thinking about it all the time. But... first study. So I decided not to become member of the library until my internship starts. This weekend is also quite busy. Today we'll go shopping (I need new pants and a shirt) and tonight Jennie has her birthday party.

Tomorrow I'll see Richard all day; it has been a while so I'm looking forward to it! They'll have a baby soon.


Working on decoding algorithm for BCH codes.

Working on decoding algorithm for BCH codes. This is really interesting stuff; too bad I still have to learn the Complexity part. It's not very difficult (had it in other courses), but just less interesting at this moment.


Haha! The finite field stuff is under control

Haha! The finite field stuff is under control I would say. At least the most useful ones (Zp^m/g(x)) I understand quite well now. This really makes understanding the codes a lot easier. I learned a lot today. Quite happy with that.

Made a schedule and budget for the summer (when everybody comes to visit us). It's really nice to do, I'm looking forward to see them a lot!


It looks like I'm making some progress. I've

It looks like I'm making some progress. I've been studying lineair codes this morning; Hamming codes specifically and refreshed my knowledge on that terrain. Now going to the theory of cyclic codes. Not a lot more difficult, but it does require extra background knowledge (of finite fields).


Went to my work early in the morning, had to

Went to my work early in the morning, had to download a big file and print a few pages. I'll be home around 10:00 and study.


Woke up early; studied a bit Shannon's Theore

Woke up early; studied a bit Shannon's Theorem Proof.

I'll be leaving in about half an hour to Zoltan.


Chapter about Complexity

Worked on the chapter about Complexity. Revised the Halting problem, classification of functions, proof NP-completeness of SAT problem... Now I'll see if I can refresh my knowledge on Galois Fields etc; necessary for the Coding part.


Marjolein's birthday

Yesterday I spent all day studying. It is pretty difficult stuff; I forgot a lot of the mathematics I used to know. Have to refresh it all. But I'll make it!

We went to Marjolijn's party in Amsterdam. It was very nice to meet everybody again, it had been a while. The house was decorated in 'colour-edition' style; as they live close the Arena where the Sensation 'white-' en 'black-edition' will be held. Drank only water all night to stay fresh for the study etc..

Steven brought us home. First we went to Richard's place, we saw his new garden shed. Few months ago we helped breaking down his old one, so it was nice to see the work being done there.

Today... only studying again. Including today I have 5 days, so I better get started.


Went to see two of my teachers

Went to see two of my teachers. Next Friday I'll have a oral exam of Coding & Complexity. The other teacher told me I'll have to do one more course than I thought; but he said I can do this during my stage. He agrees with me that I'm almost ready... after next week's test and the submission of the paper things I should be able to start. He said it would be wiser though to finish my practical assignment before my internship starts. I guess this depends on how quickly things will be going.


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