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The Bulgarians are going for a walk today in Haarlem, and arrange small stuff. I'll join them later I think. Studying some Bulgarian.

The new government introduced itself for parliament today... pretty sure they won't survive the 4 years.



Went to Amsterdam today, to the Rijksmuseum. Had a really nice time together! We had ravioli for dinner. Here's a picture of the Rijksmuseum.


Kernel Traffic

Kernel Traffic has a nice introduction this week -- it is dedicated to mosquito preventors.


Ettie's hamster Hammie

Yesterday evening Ettie and Gerben came and we went to see a concert in the Grote Kerk. It was nice, one hour. I haven't been in this church before so it was interesting to see it. Afterwards we went to a pub and had a beer. Went to bed at 2:30...

Ettie left her hamster with me (they're going on a small holiday). It's called Hammie and it bit me this morning when I gave it food. I'll give it another chance.

Today I'll study, and make sure the phone works together with the ADSL connection (some cables to do).


ADSL works!

ADSL works! I received my installation package today, and I already had my login and password... it works!!!


To the Zaanse Schans

Nadia, Sasha and Milan just left to the Zaanse Schans, a collection of Dutch windmills. I'll study during the day; but in the evening Ettie and Gerben will be here so they will meet Sasha's parents! We'll go to an organ concert in the Grote Kerk.

There is still no letter from XS4ALL or KPN about my ADSL connection... I even dreamed about it.

The new government already has its first resigned deputy minister; of course of the LPF "party". It was a woman who turned out to have been fighting in the militia of Desi Bouterse in Suriname. Simply unbelievable to put somebody like that as your candidate if you ask me. Did I mention the word clowns before?


Milan and Nadija liked Amsterdam

I'm at work now, but I'll leave in a few minutes as there is not a lot to do. I've put the pictures Edo made online.

Yesterday evening the Bulgarians came back very excited from Amsterdam; they had a really nice afternoon. Sasha told me they went with the Circle Tram, and later they took a canal boat tour. We were talking and talking, and we completely forgot the time: at 22:45 we started cooking.


Doing stuff at home

It was raining a lot this morning, but luckily when we had lunch the weather changed. Sasha and her parents went to Amsterdam 2 hours ago, and last time I called they were still not lost :) I stayed home, wanted to do some small things and have an easy afternoon.

I've installed a phone-outlet in the sleepingroom. Later I want to put a small desk there also.


We planned to go to Amsterdam today but it's

We planned to go to Amsterdam today but it's raining quite a lot. So we're staying here, an easy Sunday. Íàëè õóáîâî å ÷å ìîæå äà ÷åòà Áúëãàðñêè âåñòíèöè òóê.


Bulgarian dinner time...

Another Bulgarian dinner... we started at 20:00 and we finished half hour ago. Wonderful! Sasha made salmon (chicken for me -- I don't like fish).


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