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Painted in Leeuwarden

Painting in Leeuwarden.I've been painting and moving stuff in Leeuwarden today. The journey by train to Leeuwarden was very pleasant. I started the book I received for Sinterklaas.

In the morning we first moved the bigger stuff into the house, later there was a lot of paiting.

Of course I've made a few pictures.


Painting in Leeuwarden

Today I'm going to help Gerben & Ettie moving and painting, so I'll take the train to Leeuwarden.

So early... just like the previous time I went there.


Pictures New Year's Eve

Just returned the shoppingcarts with the empty crates from Tuesday night.

The pictures of New Year's Eve are online!


Svetla and Radoslav left

I went to the station to say goodbye to Svetla and Radoslav, they are going back to Brussels. I feel I should mention that Svetla won the last game they played yesterday.

After that we went quickly to pick up my OV card. Saw many bars getting cleaned and re-stocked.


New Years Eve 2003

A small party at the Hooimarkt.

1/17: We started with coffee.


2/17: Three Bulgarians: Svetla, Radoslav and Sasha.


Good morning, 2003!

Waking up slowly. Had coffee, some breakfast, more coffee, shower... now a beer again because we'll be playing Kolonisten. Svetla and Radoslav never played it before so I have a fair chance of winning :)

The party yesterday was very nice, especially around midnight. There was so much fireworks in Haarlem! Ettie brought her camera so there'll be pictures online later.


Svetla and Radoslav

Svetla and Radoslav are here, they came from Brussels. I tried to make a Dutch dinner, but I'm not sure whether or not chicken, brocolli and mashed potatoes is so typical Dutch...

Anyway -- we had a pleasant evening. Tonight we made a short walk through Haarlem.



Yesterday evening we celebrated budni vecher in Haarlem, today we are in Middenmeer and tomorrow we'll go and see my grandmother.


A week after the ice

A week after I made these pictures there is no ice anymore in the Spaarne.

In the Nieuwe Gracht you can still see some ice though (click on 'Read More' for a picture).



10 euro note.

A 10 euro note after being in the laundry.


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