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Quoted in The Economist

I was quoted in this week's Economist in an article on dual citizenship:

A new law proposed by the Dutch government aims not only to limit dual nationality among immigrants (in 2011 around 20,000 people gained Dutch nationality through naturalisation) but also to make it easier for the authorities to strip members of the 850,000-plus Dutch diaspora of their nationality, should they secure a second citizenship abroad.

Guus Bosman, a Dutchman living in Washington, DC, calls the proposal “mean-spirited”.

Very cool. I've been a reader of the magazine for over a decade and it's fun to see my name in it. To read more about the initiative against the proposed law, please visit


Way to go, Guus! Nothing less but international exposure through such a respected channel. It's amazing this week people all around the world will come across your name.

You rock Guus!!!

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