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Quite an interesting matter. On it says that Ettie's plane is due to arrive at 2:10 (so not 4.00 o'clock). However, this night at 3:00 o'clock the clock will put turned back one hour. So if it says 2:10 does that mean 2:10 summertime or 3:10 summertime?

My parents are guessing the first -- so they're leaving now.


Games all night

Oma Bosman has a birthday today and we went to see her. My parents will pick up Ettie from the airport tonight, but she just called that her plane has a 2 hours delay.

So that means that we have to fill the time till 04.00 o'clock. Guess what we'll play... Steden & Ridders of course.


Scandal in Middenmeer

A TV-program was made in De Oude Beurs in Middenmeer last week. A couple of kids were kissing each other on stage in front of the camera. Big scandal, local government upset.

There was an item on the local TV-news about it, featuring my old school.

Found a nice article in the AD:

"Het stelletje tongzoent, de bezoekers in de zaal juichen, televisiecamera's registreren. Dát bracht een schok teweeg het vorige weekend in het 2800 inwoners tellende vlekje in de Kop van Noord-Holland."

(The couple is kissing, the audience screaming and the cameras recording. Now thát was a shock last weekend for the middle-of-nowhere village in northern Noord-Holland).


Hello from Gran Canaria

Ettie says hi from Gran Canaria!

"He iedereen krijgt de vakantie groeten van mij!

Doeiii Ettie"


Graduation Marjolein & Jerry

It's done, they're no longer students. Congratulations from us!

Click here for some pictures.


Sad and happy day

Today is the funeral of HRH Prince Claus. And this afternoon two friends will receive their university degrees! Marjolein & Jerry finished their biology study with an internship in Colombia.

Now I'm studying, in a while I'll go to the VU to see my teacher. In the afternoon I'll go and see the new 'Masters'.

The Adriaan, seen from our window


Joost's birthday

We just came back from Joost's birthday, he turned 24 (congrats Joost!). Had a very cosy evening, and a delicious meal. We were 'cooking at the table' (gourmet).

There were 20 people so we needed 3 sets of the cooking things. Last years we always had a power black-out because of a too high power demand, so measures were taken to prevent that. But again...

Perhaps next year we'll have dinner without a power black-out :)


Congratulations Guus

There's a nice website on Kolonisten that I visit regularly. There's also a Forum, something like a chat-box where people talk about Kolonisten van Catan. I'm interested in discussions on the rules of the game, so it's worth visiting often.

Today I looked at the most recent messages when I saw this one: "Guus Bosman geeft een Feestje" ("Guus Bosman gives a Party"). People were congratulating me on my birthday (!). Turned out I filled in my birthday wrongly: 10-11-1978 in Dutch means the 10th of November (as it really is), 10-11-1978 in the American system... is today.

See here to see all the congratulations.



All Dutch and most foreign visitors will know that Sunday HRH Prince Claus passed away.

Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen has put its 12 windmills into mourning position, to pay respect to their former patron.


To Ester and Richard

doggiedoggieWe went to see Ester's new working place today, it's been completely renovated.

Also saw Jip, the baby.


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