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Awake already

Due to a broken alarm we're awake already -- it was 50 minutes ahead. At least we'll be on time for the tournament :)

Just heard that the demonstration will be in the same place as the tournament -- BC de Fjord, Paul Krugerkade 6.


Daniël left

He's on the bus, it takes about 26 hours before he's in Hungary...


Daniël is leaving

I'll take the train in about 15 minutes to Amsterdam Amstel. Daniël is leaving again and we'll have some coffee.


F = m·a

Just came back from Ettie, working on some physics... I must admit I forgot a lot. Newton's Laws have never been my best subject really.



LeavesExactly one hour ago (at 6:55) autumn started.



We went shopping; got some new stuff. Haarlem is a nice city to do shopping in.


Harmen Siezen

Sasha and I were watching the weather, when the weatherman announced that this had been the last news bulletin of the anchorman, Harmen Siezen. Too bad!
Picture of Harmen Siezen


A morning in Amsterdam

Went to pick up Daniel from the train. He told us that he would arrive at 9:30 but as always he was late (see also Jerry's comment). Both Richard and Jerry were there. It has been a while since I saw all of them but tonight we'll play games in Jerry's place.


Daniel's coming back

Just heard that my friend Daniel - who lives in Hungary - is coming back tomorrow for a few weeks! He'll be arriving tomorrow at 9:30.


Nice weekend with a lot of games

Friday till midnight, Saturday till 1:00 o'clock, Sunday morning again... we played a LOT of games. We were in Middenmeer this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't win even once... Sasha and Jaap were the winners.

Today we went to the birthday of uncle Peter.


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