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Posted on Slashdot

My article was posted on Slashdot!

Friday I wrote about a court ruling in an interesting case, and later that day it was posted on the main page of Slashdot.

Slashdot is a technology-related news website that I've been reading for many years. It's not as influential as it once was, but it's cool nevertheless to see my article linked to from such a big site.

Slashdot is famous for the so-called "Slashdot effect", where a large influx on readers brings down the performance of a website. My site is pretty well configured, and has strong caching for anonymous users, so it dealt with the spike just fine. As of Sunday evening the article has been read about 6,300 times.

I took Friday off from work and we spent a long weekend in DC. Went to the National Gallery of Art, where we saw the exhibition of Gabriel Metsu's work.

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