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Loesje cards

Two of my most precious readers sent me two e-cards. They both choose cards from Loesje. Thanks!

Spring -- my bicycle tends to steer towards the fields and the water. Let your opinion fly.
Because of the spring. Today's election day!


The view from the window at Chess.

Could it be true that there is a little bit of spring in the air? Of course it's very early... maybe it's just the fact that today I've heard a lot of good news, from both S and E. And maybe it's because I've a pretty good feel both about my internship (read the latest version) and tomorrow's elections.


At Zoltan's place

Daniel came back Tuesday evening and we made an appointment to play a few boardgames tonight with Jerry and Marjolein.

First I went to Jerry's, but there was nobody there to open the door. Then I remember that we agreed on Zoltan's place... luckily enough their houses are close to each other.

We looked at Sterrenschiff, a new Catan game. Quite interesting. Later Ronald arrived, and now we'll play Puerto Rico. Let's see how it will work out this time...



"Why do ducks have webbed feet? To stamp out fires.

Why do elephants have flat feet? To stamp out burning ducks."


Christmas tree gone

Always a bit sad but it was definitely time: the Christmas tree is gone.


Sex in the City

The Sex in the City girls.Big news: Sex in the City will stop next year.

Of course I never watch it. The first time I didn't watch it was the first year we worked in the States, in 1998.

For those are starving for some SITC, here's the official website.


Christmas presents

The present.Sasha just called me and told me a package had arrived for me. I was very curious so I went home.

It's a Christmas present from Jonathan, Irena and Ilana!


Pictures of Leeuwarden again

Just like on Friday I took a couple of pictures when I was helping Saturday with painting.

They are ready now.


New house Ettie & Gerben -- part 2

1/20: The Afsluitdijk early in the morning.


2/20: Jaap painting.


3/20: Paula painting.



Yesterday I was painting in Leeuwarden again. We were with a lot of people and the painting is almost over. Ettie & Gerben stayed the first night there. Their house is getting very nice! I made some pictures again but unfortunately I can't put them online yet as I don't have the right software here.

It was snowing this morning; the world's beautiful. Today is for the NRC, the Economist and Foreign Affairs.


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