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Lazy River

We went for a drink in Café Triple. Every Sunday evening there's life music.

It was a jam-session, with a lot of different artists. One of the songs they played was Up a Lazy River.


Twice a wedding

Wedding flowers.Two friends announced today (officially) that they'll get married.

Today 13:37:

"Wij hebben nu alles geregeld en gaan dus trouwen. Uitnodiging volgt nog maar zet 29 maart maar vast in je agenda :-)"

Today 13:58:

"Wir freuen uns, Euch mitteilen zu dürfen: wir heiraten! Und zwar am 13.09.03- Agenda schon gezückt? Nähere Informationen folgen später." (Joeri

What to say with such happy notifications? Pozdravlialioo perhaps, or Herzlichen Glückwunsch!



Library, shopping, had lunch at the top of the V&D building.

It has been snowing all day; it makes the world beautiful.

In the halway it's darker than usual . The window in the roof is covered with snow. The plants in our house still think that it's spring, it's nice and warm inside.


Bringing Daniël

To Hungary by car.I was planning to get up very early and be at Amsterdam Amstel at 7:30 o'clock this morning, to say goodbye to Daniël and have some coffee together.

Daniël called me yesterday, and told me that he was at a concert (Sinnead O'Connor). His surprise: he was not going to travel by bus today. Turns out that Jerry offered him to bring him to Hungary by car!

So they're on their way now - Jerry, Marjolein and Daniël. They plan on traveling to Hungary non-stop -- well, with small breaks of course but without spending the night somewhere. Jerry asked what my plans for today and the weekend were. I must say I was tempted but there is a lot of work to do; another time.

According to Geostar the distance between Amsterdam and Tiszaföldvár is 1535 km. It takes around 14-15 hours by car.


Dinner at Zoltan's

Yesterday evening we had dinner at Zoltan's place. Daniel cooked, but rather unusual it wasn't spicey at all.

Michel and André where there too. Did some promotion for... Guus


My father!

Specialist in everything.

See -- it's a family thing.


Spring flowers

They don't smell but they are beautiful.




Master of Science, major: International Economic Relations.Went home to get some papers and have lunch.

The mail brought a nice surprise for Sasha.


Elephant 50 years

Trunk.The eldest male elephant in Europe will celebrate it's 50 birthday, according to Artis' press release.

'Dear minister president Hehru of India, we would love to have a little male Indian elphant, because our zoo has none. Could you please sent us one?'


Zusje to the elections

Again a nice comic in Trouw today.


Can I come with you voting daddy? -- Better not. Last time you filled in 6 of the circles. This is too important. -- They have a computer now Huib; better take her with you. So she can help you out.


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