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Slowly, slowly...

...starting to feel a little bit better.



Every Dutch person knows that today Sinterklaas arrived in Zaltbommel. As always, in the end everything turned out to be fine (although they almost ended up back in Spain).

Sint en Piet weekend ze niet.There's a nice agreement between St. Maarten, St. Nicolaas and Santa Claus.

If you would like to help Sinterklaas there is a weekend course for it that gets you officially certified.






Birthday cake.


Peter in Reformatorisch Dagblad

There's an interview with my uncle in a newspaper, the Reformatorisch Dagblad.


First birthday present

The flowers I received from the SDIJ.

I just received my birthday present! A wonderful bouquet flowers was delivered this morning. One of the neighbours (thanks!) put it in our halway, just in front of our door so it made a really nice surprise.

The flowers are from Stichting Dagcentra IJmond, a company I've worked for it the past and where I still sometimes give support. Thank you very much!


Mieke's birthday

Of course it's Mieke's birthday today... congratulations from both of us!


Daniel's here

Still no pictures online, it's a lot of work and it will take a while. But the wait will be worth it :)

Daniel is here now, he came back from Eindhoven today. We were talking about the Spellenspektakel all evening. Next year we'll be there again!


Daniël is back for the Spellenspektakel

Yesterday evening Sasha and I went to pick up Daniël from the station.

Jean-Paul was there also, he made some pictures but they're not online yet.


Hallo vriendjes en vriendinnetjes

Bassie & Adriaan together with their robot-friend RobinSad news, Bassie and Adriaan announced that they will quit in January 2004.

For the non-Dutch visitors: it's a children's show. Bassie is a clown and Adriaan a acrobat. Together they solve all kind of mysteries, and always catch the bad guys.

The official press release (Dutch) is here. Bas van Toor and Aad van Toor (as their real names are) said they want to quit on the top of their career, and not wait untill they'll get tired of their work.

If you have Flash enabled then their website is definately worth visiting: For those of you who have many childhood memories of them (like I do): there is a wonderful picture collection online.


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