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Got the keys

Today we received the keys for our new apartment in Courthouse.

The moving company will unload our belongings tomorrow morning. Our rent in the current apartment is paid for through the end of the month, so we're not moving immediately but have some time to arrange things before we move in.

Our new apartment is very light with large windows, and a great view over Virginia. It's on the 7th floor, so it overlooked the tree tops of Arlington. From our kitchen window we can see DC with the National Cathedral.


What do you need in a furnished apartment?

The apartment we're staying in now is furnished, which is a great luxury. It includes everything from silverware, dishes and cups to towels and sheet.

However, from our stay in Somerset last year we learned that even in a fully furnished temporary apartment there are still things that are worthwhile bringing in. Most important is the big box with spices and herbs and a good kitchen knife (the knifes that come with the apartment are not very good). We also brought our favorite coffee mugs.

When we left Durham, now almost 6 weeks ago, we prepared a few boxes with things, mainly cooking equipment. Unlike last time, we did not have to get a new coffee machine.


Signed the lease

We signed the lease for our new apartment! We will move back to the Courthouse neighborhood in Arlington, Virgina, just across the river from Washington, DC. It's the same area where we lived before going to North Carolina, and in fact we are just across the street from our previous apartment building, Courthouse Plaza.

We knew we wanted to rent a place in Courthouse or perhaps Clarendon, and we had selected several apartment buildings to visit, but we ultimately found the Wilson by just walking around the metro in Court House. They showed us two apartments, and we already liked the first one, but the second one was even better and has a great view.

It took a few days to get all the paperwork worked out, but we will move into the new apartment in a few weeks.


First mail arrived

We received the first mail on our new address this week.

Ettie and Gerben were the first this time with a nice card for the house and jobs.


Moving our Durham apartment

Yesterday the movers picked up our belongings. We got up at 6.30 am to prepare the last items, and they arrive at 9.30 am.

When we arrived in the States many years ago we each had two suitcases -- our apartment today consist of 6,000 lbs! The movers were a very professional and friendly crew of three. They packed our items until 1.00 pm. It took until 3:30 pm to move everything in the truck.

Since we'll be staying in a temporary apartment for two months, we packed many items into our car as well. I was relieved to see that it all fits, haha.


While the movers we working we didn't have much to do. When we were sitting in the windowsill we felt a slight moving for 15 seconds or so. First we thought that it was something that the movers did, but it was clearly too strong for that. The internet connection of our phones started slowing down, so it took 30 minutes or so before we heard that it was indeed an earthquake; the first ever I've experienced.

When the moving was done we checked into a local hotel, the Millennium. This is the same place Sasha stayed 5 years ago for her first interviews at Duke, so it seemed fitting to spend our last night in Durham here.

We went out with Esteban and Belen for dinner and had a great evening together.


A weekend of packing

This was a weekend of packing.

This morning I packed most of the electronics, and the house is starting to look emptier. The internet equipment will be the very last thing to pack, Tuesday morning.


Packing up our Durham apartment

The last few weekends we have been sorting and packing our belongings.

A move is always a great opportunity to clean up and sort the archives.

Really excited about our new opportunities in Washington, DC!



Bookshelves.We assembled the bookshelves that we bought during our trip to New Jersey for Thanksgiving.

It's from the "Expedit" series; the same type as our other two bookshelves we have in the study room.

The weather is dreadful today. Cloudy, overcast, a little rain... a friend called it "Dutch weather".


A new desk

A new desk.We added a new desk to the study room tonight.

I brought the box up the stairs: 67 lbs, or 30 kg in a big clunky box.


Ikea in Charlotte, NC

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving, and on the way to there we made a stop at Ikea at I-95. When we moved the United States we bought a lot of our furniture and home equipment from Ikea near D.C., and four year later some items were up for replacement.

On February 18 a new Ikea store will open in Charlotte, the first Ikea in North Carolina. Charlotte is not far and it's nice to have a store nearby.


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