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Painting in Haarlem and new toilet-seat

Yesterday again painting in Haarlem. we're done with the walls & ceiling now, only the windows need to be done another time. Somebody installed a new toilet; a nice surprise. Tomorrow my father & I will prepare the sleeping room -- it should be ready then.


House is getting ready thanks to everybody's help

We've been working in our new house for 6 days now... it's getting really nice. Sunday we were with 7 (!) people. Gerben & Ettie came, Rob was there Saturday and Sunday. Had a beer with Steven, our first Haarlem Saturday night experience.


Pictures of the new house

Jacco sent us some pictures of the new room. And yes: I'm not doing anything useful right now, I'm having a break okay?


Moving to Amstelveen

Today I've been moving stuff again from Florijn to Amstelveen. Florijn is getting pretty empty... a little bit sad! My father painted the new room, as it's still a bit smelly (the previous room owner was a heavy smoker). The cleaning is giving results though, the room is more fresh than the first time. After a while the smell should be gone completely.

Looks like Code Red is still alive and kicking, I think my website never had that much hits before, all of them looking for /default.ida.

Tomorrow... Alex will be back, really happy about that!


Went to see new apartment

The barbeque was really nice, again. Actually it was the 6th day in a week that I had dinner at the dike, near Medemblik. During the days I've been doing a lot of stuff, Monday project, Tuesday looking at the new apartment, Wednesday to my work, Thursday signing the contract and moving... and yesterday I worked on all my old bills etc. I'll be leaving in half hour to the dike again, creating a new barbecue next to the old one. There will be about 50 people tonight!


New apartment

There are many things going on now... the practical work has to be ready in 2 weeks, we're going to move to another apartment, and... my girlfriend will be back in a few days! Rather crazy time, but cool! Going to the 'beach' tonight again... bbq!


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