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Cable TV and Internet

Today we are arranging a lot of small practical matters. One of the things we did was ordering internet and cable tv.

We had been thinking a lot about what exactly we wanted for TV. When we bought it two weeks ago, we also took an antenna. However, the reception in our apartment is pretty bad, and we exchanged it last Friday for a stronger one. Still -- the image and sound quality is very bad, there is simply no good signal in our apartment. So an antenna wasn't really an option.

The thing is: we hardly watch any TV. Since we moved here we've seen the news once, and twice we've been watching some entertainment. Cable TV is quite expensive (compared to cable in Holland), and we were wondering if it's worth it. We decided to take it anyway, partly because getting cable TV would also give us a discount on cable internet, which we certainly want.

The last weeks Comcast, the cable provider, has been sending us a lot of promotional offers and letters, asking us to become subscriber. Yesterday's offer was the "Complete Holiday Package" -- a 50% discount for 3 months on both internet and TV, as well as a waiver for the installation fee. I just called and ordered it, and they'll come and install it tomorrow afternoon.


Pictures moving

The apartment with our things in it.When we moved, now two weeks ago, it was a very busy time so I didn't have time to put all the pictures of the moving online earlier. I have placed a number of pictures online of the weekend when we moved from Rosa's place to our current apartment.

Yesterday evening we went to Pentagon City again, a mall nearby (a mall is basically a large shopping center). This time, we didn't have to get a lot of things. We took some small stuff for in the bathroom and the kitchen, like a rack for dishes, and we had dinner in a Californian pizza place there.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a drink with two colleagues, that was very nice.


First mail

Wednesday we received our first mail: a card from my parents. The next day we received a card from Ettie and Gerben.

Thanks from both of us!

Our first mail.



This weekend we moved into our new apartment. We signed the papers and received the keys last Wednesday, but as we didn't have any furniture we stayed in Rosa's place until Friday.

We got up early Friday, and after two hours of packing Arnold, a neighbor, brought us to Arlington. We had a car full with bags and suitcases, but we didn't have any furniture to move. Saturday we had to be in the apartment at 12:00 o'clock, because a mattress would be delivered that afternoon. We ordered a mattress through "1-800-MATTRESS" and it was a good thing that they delivered the mattress on time, otherwise we would have had not place to sleep. The mattress is nice and thick. We already had the cuilt and the pillows, so at least the bedroom became usable.

Saturday afternoon we went shopping in a mall called Pentagon City, which is indeed near the Pentagon. There we bought a lot of small things, but also two large items: a TV and a vacuum cleaner (stofzuiger). We choose a Philips TV, and it's beautiful. We took a cab back home because of the large amount of things and packages we had.

Sunday morning we went to Ikea. We went there last week too, so we already knew about some of the things we wanted to get. We took the metro to Ikea College Park, which is actually located in the state Maryland. It's quite a distance from D.C. but the metro system is very extensive in Washington, so we had no problem going there by public transport. We arrived at 9:45 o'clock, before the shop opened, and therefore the coffee in the restaurant was free. You could also get breakfast for 99 cents, really cheap, but we already had breakfast at home.

We bought a lot of things. The biggest items are a bed, and a living room table with four chairs. It's fun to choose new furniture. Arnold brought us back, with the furniture. In the afternoon we assembled the furniture (my hands still hurt from the screwdriver), and around 23:30 o'clock everything was installed. Slowly but surely the apartment is changing from an completely empty place into our home. We also bought our first plant, something I am particularly happy with. It's a Yuka, about 1,5 meters heigh.


To Ikea

To Ikea. Ed, Mila and Sasha.This weekend we found a new apartment! It's a beautiful place: an apartment in a 20-floor building on the 9th floor, very close to metro station "Court House". It's located in a great area and very close to our work, both Sasha's and mine. Later I'll write much more about the apartment, of course with pictures, but for now let me just say we're really happy with it: it's a great place.

Sunday we went to Ikea with Ed and Mila who brought us there by car (thanks!). We had lunch together there, Swedish-American cuisine.

On internet we had already found some of the things we wanted to get, but it was very useful to see them in real. We didn't buy any furniture yet, but we've made up our mind about a number of things we would like to get in our new home. We'll come back another time with a big car.

Yesterday we got some things for sleeping: a quilt (dekbed), sheets and one of the pillows. I really enjoy creating a new home together. Choosing an apartment, and now choosing the furniture and home equipment is very nice.


Staying in Washington D.C.

The room we are staying in is located in the north-west area of Washington. I thought it might be interesting to put some pictures of our street online.


Moving out

Moving out of Haarlem.Yesterday we moved the last things out of our apartment. Jaap helped me out (thanks a lot!).

We first went to throw away some old furniture and larger pieces of garbage. Then we brought the boxes and things for storing downstairs. Things went smoothly and around 12:30 o'clock everything was in the car (see some pictures).

We afterwards went to the post office and I sent some books to the U.S. They will take between six and eight weeks to arrive. The package was 12 kilogram and even though I can take more than 60 kilogram with me in my luggage Monday, it would have been too much to bring these 10 books.

We were in Middenmeer at 15:00 o'clock, where Ettie and I picked up Mieke from her school. She had been celebrating her birthday (she'll have a birthday tomorrow) and received a lot of presents from the children.

It was nice and relaxing to be in Middenmeer, I was rather tired. Went to bed at 22:00 o'clock.



Girls picking up two pieces of our old furniture.Wow, that was quick.

Just 15 minutes after I've put some old furniture outside, two girls came with a car and took two pieces.

They said they could use it well and asked if they could take it. Good for them and good for us: saves us carrying them!


Throwing away old things

Today I'm moving out of the apartment.

In the morning I brought old the things that are for throwing downstairs. A fair share of our furniture was second-hand, and is not worth storing.

Jaap will be here in a while with the car to help me out (thanks!). Daniël stayed here tonight for the last time and helped me taking down some of the larger items.


Desk and poster

WorldmapYesterday we've been 'upgrading' our bedroom a bit. We went to get the desk that was sold out 2 weeks ago. I guess they don't have a huge storage-place in the shop, because the desk that we took was the last one again. It's a small one, but just the right size to work on.

We also put a world-map on the wall, a really big one. It's very nice to have something so colorful there.


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