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Our House


Adriaan at night

Ankie took some pictures of the Adriaan at night.

Click on Read more... for the result.


Fire at the neighbours

View from the window this morning.There was a man on the news yesterday who is always making pictures from his window. He lives at the river Amstel in Amsterdam, and now there was an exposition of some of his best photos. He made pictures of many events such as the Gayparade and the marriage of Willem-Alexander and Maxima.

He is a really good photographer and made very nice pictures, so that's not comparable to my 'work'. But I recognized that you can see much about the world from your own window.<

In the past we saw the flag on the Adriaan on the day of the funeral of HRH Prince Claus, Sinterklaas arriving in Haarlem or the prison that was being cleaned.


One year Hooimarkt

Today it's exactly a year ago that we first entered our current house with our own key. From that day we were working 3 weeks to get everything ready.

A detailed description of the moving you can find in the look back at 2002. My father sent me a few pictures of the day we moved.


Scary moment

The culprit. When I wanted to use the iron a big explosion occured.

I decided to take the power plug of the extension-cable out of the wall. Just before I did that there was another big bang and the lights went off.


New tables

Click on [Read More...] for bigger size pictureOn Sunday Petra and Mark brought us two small tables.


Pictures Hooimarkt 12

Damage after the fire, 1981.I've found some really cool pictures of our house on the website of the Haarlem Picture Archive (Archiefdienst Kennemerland).

As I wrote a few weeks ago our landlord told us that he and his brother bought the building after it was severely damaged by a fire. On this site there are many pictures of the fire of June 25th, 1980. There is a number of pictures of the inside of the building after the fire, even of our apartment!

I've put a selection of these pictures online.


History of our house

Picture of our house on fire 20 years ago.

I've found some really cool pictures of our house on the website of the Haarlem Picture Archive (Archiefdienst Kennemerland).
To see all the pictures of our house online click here and search on "Haarlem, Hooimarkt". Here is a selection of the most interesting pictures.


Window fixed

Today a window of our house got fixed.


Radiator is gone

They came to pick up the old radiator this morning. Especially those who helped us moving (thanks again!) will know that we have pretty difficult stairs. So I expected at least 3 or 4 guys to come and pick up this huge, heavy radiator. But only 2 came, the guy from the service company and another (strong!) man, and in five minutes they were ready. Gives us quite some extra space in the small hallway, it's nice.

Hammie almost bit me again but I've learned my lesson. I'll just basically drop his food from very high into his foodbasket, so it can't bite me. For the rest it's doing quite well, yesterday evening it was running around in his running-thing.


New heating

Today a new heating-element was installed in the living room, I think the last big thing in the new house to be done. Saturday my father will come; to fix some last small things.


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