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Ettie & Gerben 4 years together

As expected, the dinner with Ettie & Gerben was really nice; very cosy. they've been together for 4 years, that's why there's a party. We were 10 people together, with Marcel & Esther (Gerben's brother & sister) and "all" the parents. Next year again! We missed the train for one minute, had to wait an hour but we went to get some beer, and that was really nice too. Tomorrow Kolonisten in Almere.


Haircut in Middenmeer

Well well, quite a trip. Went to Middenmeer today, as always a long and heavy trip to the country-side :) Alex & I went to get a haircut there. We were 20 minutes late, but thanks to the friendly hairdresser we are now ready for a nice dinner with Ettie & Gerben.


A nerd's joy ;)

Didn't quite fix the minix-network card problem yet; but the good news is that the target PC recognizes the card (a 386 with 4MB). Would be cool to run Minix on that little one :) I had to fix some jumpers for the harddisk I wanted to use, and I found out it still had Windows 95 on it. So I booted... and yes, it worked! Never expected that a machine with 4 MB would be able to startup Win95. After I installed the CD-ROM (and found a win95 cd somewhere) I'd be able to install the network card and thus: Terminal Services Client! Oh -- that rulez, so hard :)


NE2000 under Minix

Spent a few hours last night trying to get Minix to recognize one of my network cards. The NE2000 now works; that is: it recognizes the Ethernet address. Now the network protocol part. Somebody wrote in a newsgroup that if the F5 network dumps give all zeros (like my machine does), a wrong IRQ is a likely cause. Let's see.


Minix Showmem script

Made a nice script today to have both the kernel and memory manager's output in a file. So most of the debug stuff is ready; I can start implementing the memory compacting algoritm. Looking forward to that.



With this new thing, Blogger, I will keep the interested visitor updated about the things I'm doing. Today I'm working for my practical work Operating Systems; adding some functionality to Minix. I'm optimizing a debug system call, which dumps the memory managers' impression about the memory in use & free to the screen.


Well, all right -- as you can see my website is a bit changed... thanks Jeewee for the help!



I have been quoted in a Danish course.


Download section

There is a download section, with all the funny attachments you just don't want in your mail box.


Jaap on Internet

My father has been on internet for quite a while, now with an article about his project at his work.


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