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Georgetown waterfront

In the afternoon we spent some time in Georgetown. We had a package to return in one of the stores, so I dropped Sasha and Nora off at the store, and then parked a little further away. We parked on P street, the same street where we lived for a while.

From there we walked down to the waterfront park, where we watched the seagulls and a boat.

Walked back up the hill, a police offer showed off the lights of his cruiser to the boys, who were duly impressed.


Чу чу мас

Leo and Adrian have created their own word, and for the past two weeks we have wondered what it means.

Here is a short clip of the sound.

One day Adrian said "trekker mee" in the exact same intonation, so thought that might have been related, but that was only once so probably not.

Then this morning at the breakfast table Leo gave his book to Adrian and said it again, and so we now think it means something like "here you go".


A museum visit

We went to the Air and Space museum yesterday afternoon. The boys had been to the Udar-Hazy building with Opa & Oma, but never in the main one. We spent an hour and half there.

In the exhibition about GPS there was a life-size cut-out of a fireman. This made a deep impression on Adrian. Later he said "meneer! helm! [gez]ien!"

The boys also liked an early example of a self-driving car, and the statue of the first dog in Antarctica.

Later we went for dinner in the Silver Diner.


Long-range planning for YMCA redevelopment

At the other side of the street is the YMCA. It's a wonderful facility to have so nearby, but the building dates from the 1950's and it's pretty small.

There is a long-term plan to replace the old building with a new one, and in the process of preparing for that the County is evaluating the zoning of that property, as well as several neighboring properties.

This is going to be a very long process, but we'll be living here for a long time so it's interesting to follow. Some of the proposals are a little too high for my taste -- in the most aggressive proposal there would be a 5-story building facing 13th Street -- but it's great to see plans for improvement.

This County staff presentation from December has some good information.


Welcoming 2017

We woke up our usual time -- around 7.00 am -- and it took about 15 minutes before all the kids were fully awake and downstairs. Like every day, they are excited to discover what's happening in the living room and watch through the windows to see what's going on outside.

Sasha and I had a nice New Year's breakfast -- after everyone else had their cereal with strawberries. We had the Vienna concert on in the background. Then we Skyped with Middenmeer -- Opa & Oma and Ettie & Gerben and the kids. Opa had a cold, too. Then on to Perushtitsa.

Afterwards we went for a New Year's walk to the playground and back.

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