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Donaldson Run in the fall

I took the kids out for a walk along Donaldson Run in the afternoon. It was beautiful out -- a grey sky but not cold and with a real fall atmosphere.

Halfway the walk I let the guys walk by themselves and Nora took Leo's hand to guide him, while sniffy Adrian stayed close to me. We watched the water flow, and the boys touched a few trees. Adrian pointed to the ground and said "bah", because of all the leaves.

Afterwards we did grocery shopping at the Giant in the Lyon Village shopping center.


To the pediatrician with Adrian

Adrian was the fourth person in our household to get sick, and he's suffering more than the rest of us. Yesterday we saw him pulling his ears, and mindful of his ear infection in the spring we brought him to the doctor for a quick checkup.

I took him on the bike in the morning -- he loves bicycling -- and we used the temporary protection on Quincy that was installed for a 'fun ride'. It took about 20 minutes to get there, 15 minutes on the way back.

Adrian didn't have an ear infection so hopefully he'll get better by himself soon. He was a little less clingy today although he still wanted to be held for long periods.


Milk before sleeping

Before the boys go to bed, they drink their bottler in their bouncy chairs.

Recently, Nora started joining them with a glass of milk.


Leo has a cold

Last weekend Nora had a cold; this weekend it's Leo's turn. He isn't bothered by it too much right now but he cried a few times at night.


Oma Bosman

Today Oma Bosman passed away. She was 91 years old.

Oma was a wonderful grandmother to us and we loved her very much. The happy times we spent with her are precious memories.

My earliest memories were about reading Suske and Wiske, and eating "oma kaas" for breakfas. Later, drinking tea together and just having a good time. Peter's picture here captures it very beautifully.

When I was older, we would go for dinners at her place and talk. She visited Sasha and me in Haarlem with Paula, bringing nice plants, and she came to my graduation party.

The last time I saw her was in 2014 when we visited her. While calling become impossible later on, for many years we would talk on the phone and she would always pick up the same way: "Oh, helemaal uit Amerika?". I'll miss her.


18 years

We celebrated our 18 years together with a nice dinner at Lyon Hall.


Frying Park with the kids

This was the first visit for Leo and Adrian, and the first time they saw cows and horses and ducks -- they loved it. Of all the things, the tractor made the biggest impression. Adrian in particular was mesmerized.

We've been to the park with Nora before but she didn't remember much.

The weather was good -- we arrived around 4.00 pm so the worst heat was over -- and we had a nice time. After an hour or so we went back for everyone's naps.


Working hard

Opa and Oma are busy during the day. They take care of the kids, make meals and also find time for things around the house. We're very grateful and they are having a good time.

Tonight I brought a spade, I actually borrowed it from the library. We've been doing some yard work and now we hope to plant two small trees.

I brought the spade home on my bike, that was fun.


Vocabulary at 18 months

At the checkup the pediatrician asked us to estimate the boys' vocabulary. I said "30", which the doctor thought is respectable, but when we came home I wanted to be sure. So here it is, in all its glory -- the Dutch words Leo and Adrian know so far. Their Bulgarian is a little behind since they've been immersed in Dutch for the past month.

Leo actively uses 32 words, Adrian 27.


The girls are back

Sasha and Nora are back -- I'm very happy. Their plane landed at 7.00 pm and an hour later I met them at the international arrivals. It was so great to see them.

Last year when Nora returned from her summer in Bulgaria, she had forgotten a lot of her Dutch. Not this time.

She talked and talked and described how she had made a cake (we heard the whole recipe), how she had a kyufte with fries in Kopritsita, how she liked the trampoline... it's wonderful to talk with her. Some of her words are a little rusty. Instead of "speelgoed" she said "de dingen voor spelen" en instead of "verdrietig" she used "muchno" but otherwise she was fluent.

When we came home she was "shy" for maybe 5 seconds with Jaap and Mieke, and then she started talking about the ferryboat.


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