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Aap wil een baan

I'm so proud of Nora, I'm bursting. She finished her second "real" book today, Aap wil een baan. I sat down with her, in the basement, and while she was munching on apple slices she completed 6 pages in one sitting.

She has a booklet where we keep track of which books she read, and she can rate the book. This one got a 2 out of 3 stars from Nora. Op is op, the other "real" book, warranted a 3 out of 3.



We saw Frozen over the Christmas break. I bought the Dutch version DVD and Sasha, Nora and I watched it over two days. We skipped over the part with the wolves, but except for that Nora loved it (and we had a good time too).

Since then we've been watching "Laat het gaan" many, many times and Nora can sing good parts of it already.

Today she asked me: "Papa, mag ik Frozen in het Engels zien?" "Waarom?" "Nou, we wonen in Amerika..."

But no, that's not happening because she's getting plenty of English exposure already. Later in the evening she asked me: "papa, wat betekent 'verleg de grenzen die ik ken?'" so that explains why I want her to hear the songs in Dutch.


Eye problem?

We brought Nora for her 5 year checkup. When we were at the eye doctor a few days ago, her eyesight was fine, but today the test didn't go well at all -- Nora couldn't see anything, except the largest letters. The nurse was a little worried, and we were quite surprised.

Then Sasha looked at Nora's glasses... and they were very, very dirty. After cleaning them Nora did the same test again, and everything was fine, haha.

The checkup was fine otherwise. Nora is 45 lbs, 45 3/4".


Saturday afternoon

This morning we took the kids for a haircut. Tina was happy when she saw us -- three little customers in a row.

It's a long walk for the guys and they were tired and cranky when we came back. Nora too, so for the first time in a few months we had everybody crying at the same time. Some avocado and a sandwich with cheese calmed everybody down.

In the afternoon the boys took a nap. Leo didn't want to sleep at first -- a diaper situation -- but after a quick chat ("Opa kijken!") he finally fell asleep at 2.20 pm. Nora and I later relaxed. Me at the computer, she with her Bobo.


Не искм да пиша букфите

Only a five year old will carefully spend 10 minutes painstakingly writing letter by letter: "I don't want to write letters".

In Bulgarian, appropriately for today's holiday Baba Marta, the beginning of spring. "Не искм да пиша букфите".


Beautiful bike ride

Adrian has an ear infection again. We all had colds last week, and he couldn't sleep yesterday from the pain. So this morning I took him to the pediatrician.

First we all went to Hayes Park with Baka and Mia, and when it was time for Adrian and I to go I told him we would go by bike -- he was very excited so getting him to leave the playground was easier than normal.

It's a gorgeous day today, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It's kind of weird for February but we enjoyed it.

The pediatrician saw that both his ears were infected. We biked on to CVS, got the medication and then back to home where he got a well deserved sandwich with cheese. He was very tired so halfway his lunch he said "slapen, slapen" and I brought him in bed.

When everybody was asleep Nora and I started working on the werkboekje from Veilig Leren Lezen. We spoke with Ettie and family for a little while (Nora wanted to know which "kern" Jasper was on -- number 7, he said).


Nice weekend

Yesterday afternoon Rado and Maria came over with the kids. They stayed over for an impromptu dinner, a great end of the day.

We spoke with Dyado & Babi and Opa & Oma. Today Nora read more from the "op is op" book, and she is doing very well. Today she read 4 pages, and she's getting faster.

In the later afternoon we visited the Potomac Overlook, where we were just in time before closing to see a two real owls in the sanctuary. The boys were very impressed, especially Adrian who later kept saying "uil! zien!". He also said "[sch]aap! zien!" but I'm pretty sure there were no sheep.


Georgetown waterfront

In the afternoon we spent some time in Georgetown. We had a package to return in one of the stores, so I dropped Sasha and Nora off at the store, and then parked a little further away. We parked on P street, the same street where we lived for a while.

From there we walked down to the waterfront park, where we watched the seagulls and a boat.

Walked back up the hill, a police offer showed off the lights of his cruiser to the boys, who were duly impressed.


Чу чу мас

Leo and Adrian have created their own word, and for the past two weeks we have wondered what it means.

Here is a short clip of the sound.

One day Adrian said "trekker mee" in the exact same intonation, so thought that might have been related, but that was only once so probably not.

Then this morning at the breakfast table Leo gave his book to Adrian and said it again, and so we now think it means something like "here you go".


A museum visit

We went to the Air and Space museum yesterday afternoon. The boys had been to the Udar-Hazy building with Opa & Oma, but never in the main one. We spent an hour and half there.

In the exhibition about GPS there was a life-size cut-out of a fireman. This made a deep impression on Adrian. Later he said "meneer! helm! [gez]ien!"

The boys also liked an early example of a self-driving car, and the statue of the first dog in Antarctica.

Later we went for dinner in the Silver Diner.


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