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Goodbye, Vrije Universiteit

Recently I discovered that my university computer account no longer works. I graduated a long time ago, but my e-mail account has never been disabled. I didn't really use it anymore, but I regularly read the newsgroups and university news online. Last week I tried to login, and received "Access denied", and my old homepage has also been deleted.

I guess the Vrije Universiteit and I are now completely separated.

The only thing I was still using a VU server for was to create a daily backup of my website. Now I'll have to (quickly) find an alternative for that; I'm now back to my old habit of manually downloading backups on my own desktop. I must say having the script-based automatic backups to the VU felt a lot more secure.


Graduation Vrije Universiteit

There are a number of pictures online of my graduation yesterday. No longer a student, but with a M.Sc. title and a memory of a great day!

In the morning I tried to get up at 9:30 o'clock, but I still felt a little sleepy from the time-difference so I stayed in bed till 10:30. Then I hardly had enough time: I had to prepare quite a few things, buy some fresh bread etc... and my parents would be there at 13:00 o'clock. In fact
they came earlier (surprise!), which was nice because they helped me out with the shopping while I quickly took a shower and dressed. Unfortunately the coffee machine was broken (now fixed), so we were craving for some coffee.

We arrived at the VU around 13:45 and met Alrik in the main building. The graduation was in the Computer Science building and there also were many familiar faces!

It was a very pleasant surprise to see so many people: Alrik, Ankie, Bianca, Ettie, Gerben, Harm, Jaap, Jennie, Jerry, Joost, Len, Marjolein, Mieke, Oma, Paula, Petra, Ralf, Richard, Rob, Steven,
Wouter... I took some caffeine shots. It was funny that quite some people had read my remark on the website in the morning that I was having difficulties getting up.


To the VU, again

I am going to the VU, the day after my graduation. There's still some paperwork to be done, and this time I do have a certified copy of my diplom available.

feels a bit pointless, to travel 2 hours just make a single certified
copy, but I'm bringing one the (many) books I got yesterday so I won't


Preparing graduation

My suit is ready, the beer is cold, music works nicely... ready for my graduation! It still feels like 5:00 in the morning for me, but I slept
very well.

I'll go into the city for a few small things and my parents will be here around 13:00 o'clock.



This morning I went to the VU. There was an application I had to make, but the forms are not available electronically. The student office opens at 10:00 o'clock, so I basically spent the whole morning to fill in a single form.

This application has to be sent within 6 weeks after my official graduation date, thus before October 13th. A copy of my graduation bul is required -- which I obviously don't have as my graduation is October the 15th. Marvellous system.



My supervisors agreed on the mark for my thesis (an 8), and submitted it to the graduation committee: I'm officially done now!


Extra course

I've been e-mailing with the VU about an extra course. Not that I have to do another one but they've awarded me with 2 points for a course I never did.

Obviously something went wrong: the course is called "Keuzevak 2", it's of the Faculty of Medicin. I suppose somebody made a mistake when entering data in the computer. The course will be erased from my list; I just hope that this doesn't mean somebody else didn't get the deserved points.

The mark for my paper is almost ready -- I'll probably hear it next week.


Internship paper

Papers on the floor.I've been working all day on my internship paper. I'm rather proud of myself because I did a lot today.

The deadline for the paper is the 28th, so there's some pressure. I want to be ready with it tomorrow evening. This way my supervisors will be able to comment on it during the week.


Final mark Formal Methods

My teacher just e-mailed, and told me I've past the course Formal Methods. That means I'm ready with all my courses!

The only thing I have to do now is finish my internship paper, and then I'll be ready. That will be a marvellous feeling, I'm sure.


Submitted homework Formal Methods

I've just submitted my last homework assignment, the one for Formal Methods. It's a great relief that I've finally finished it; it had been nagging me for a long time. Now I can solely focus on my internship paper, I have been looking forward to that for a long time.

The weather is really nice outside (how is it in Washington?), but I'm kind of getting used to having to stay inside in the weekends.


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