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Nora is slowly recovering from the flu. It started Tuesday evening with a sore throat; the next day she skipped her gymnastics and since then she's been in bed all day.

Today she started perking up again. When we were talking with Opa & Oma she joked that Adrian was a unicorn (eenhoorn) when they asked about the fabric sticking out of his bicycle helmet.

I took the boys to Whole Foods twice in a row, which was a lot of fun. Nora was jealous and asked when it was her turn. I explained that being sick is supposed to be boring. Today's trip to the store was through the rain; the boys loved the cover and said our bike is now the Batmobile (they learned about Batman recently).


To Atlanta

I'm in Atlanta today. It was an early morning -- up at 4.15 am, Uber at 5.00 am and then breakfast at the airport. When the stock markets open at 9.30 am we have a conference call, which I took from the rental car on my way to the office.

In the plane I saw someone reading a physical newspaper, something that's getting rare.

I'm already looking forward going home tomorrow.


To the grocery store

Right after I got home I took the kids on a ride in the bakfiets. The weather has been great these few days, and we didn't really need jackets.

We went to Whole Foods, where the kids did not find cheese to taste but they were well behaved and it was just a fun trip.


"Dutch girl"

The new Google Arts & Culture app has a feature to compare a selfie with works of art.

For Adrian it found a good match with this painting. It's in the Phillips Collection in D.C. so we can check it out one day.


Vermeer exhibition

Yesterday we went to the Vermeer exhibition at the Gallery of Art. There was a 30 minute line for the exhibition. It was probably busy due to the holiday weekend. The boys were getting restless, bored and hungry so I left the line with them, and we had lunch together. It was very cosy with them in the restaurant; we had the sandwiches we brought from home and talked. After lunch we went back upstairs the room with old Dutch art, which was so beautiful. The boys even appreciated it.

Sasha and Nora saw the main exhibition which had works by Vermeer and his contemporaries. After that we met up in the restaurant again, which the boys liked because there would be more food...

A terrific morning together. When we were in the car going home Adrian asked if we were going to have "brood kaas" at home. But no, two lunches was enough.


Market Call

Last night Sasha and I watched Market Call, a film about the financial crisis.

This was the first movie we saw together in three years, and it was a nice evening together.

The film was entertaining, though not a highlight of movie making. We both commented on the lackadaisical HR procedures and logical errors, but it was fun to watch it.

We watched the movie for YouTube, $3.99 for the HD version.


Сокче, сокче, рестурант!

"Сокче, сокче, рестурант!", we heard this morning ("juice, juice, restaurant").

We didn't pay much attention at first but then we realized that they had opened the bottle of cold medicine (Motrin, which is ibuprofen) and they were happily drinking from it. They probably drank 20 to 40 ml...

We called the Poison Control phone line and they weren't too worried. Told us that they should eat something to prevent an upset stomach but there's not much risk otherwise.


Bitter cold

Well, that's a bit of a transition... on Wednesday morning we were still in the pool in Puerto Morelos -- today we're in a deep freeze.

Nora's school started an hour later today, which was good because she is still getting used to getting up early.

The bakery near our house, LeoNora, is moving to Falls Church which is unfortunate. But not a surprise, since they moved their ovens away a few months ago.


Snowy commute

We came back from our trip last night -- beautiful warm weather -- right into a snowy cold day. Nora's school is closed today.

During the winter break I had the gear cables from my bicycle replaced, since the old ones had water in them and froze up during cold days. That worked nicely today -- it was quite cold but the gears worked well (though I still need to tweak them slightly). The new standard worked well too, I haven't used my new coffee holder yet that Sasha gave me for my birthday.

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