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Vermeer exhibition

Yesterday we went to the Vermeer exhibition at the Gallery of Art. There was a 30 minute line for the exhibition. It was probably busy due to the holiday weekend. The boys were getting restless, bored and hungry so I left the line with them, and we had lunch together. It was very cosy with them in the restaurant; we had the sandwiches we brought from home and talked. After lunch we went back upstairs the room with old Dutch art, which was so beautiful. The boys even appreciated it.

Sasha and Nora saw the main exhibition which had works by Vermeer and his contemporaries. After that we met up in the restaurant again, which the boys liked because there would be more food...

A terrific morning together. When we were in the car going home Adrian asked if we were going to have "brood kaas" at home. But no, two lunches was enough.

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