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We had some snow Thursday morning and Friday afternoon, a white world.

I worked on Saturday afternoon and we visited the Pentagon City mall. We met two people from my Bulgarian class there and I introduced Nadia and Milan to them.


Inauguration Day

Today was President Obama's inauguration. Well, the real inauguration was yesterday since the Constitution says that the President has to be sworn in on January 20th, but the big celebration was today. It was also Martin Luther King Day and we had a day off.


Studying Bulgarian

This has been a very good week for my Bulgarian. The biggest factor is that we speak pretty much only Bulgarian at home these days but we also interviewed several potential Bulgarian care-takers for Nora.

Yesterday I went to the Bulgarian weekly meetup in the cafe in our building. The other students are mostly people studying to work in the American Embassy in Sofia.

When I came home we watched a very funny TV show, Столичани в повече. It's situated in a small village in Bulgaria and describes a political campaign and two men who are trying to become mayor.



Nora is learning how to stand. She uses her baby fence for support and can stand for long periods of time, even with using just one hand.

We've been practicing the Dutch animal sounds this weekend, and she now knows the right answer to "wat zegt het eendje?" en "wat zegt de poes?". We mix languages sometimes, but she knows what sound an elephant makes: "wat zegt слончо?".


Modern art

We went to the National Gallery of Art this afternoon. It was the second visit for Nora and we went to see the modern art section this time. To be honest, I am not a big fan of modern art but Nora liked it a lot. She especially enjoyed watching the mobiles and the large brightly colored paintings.

Afterwards we went back to the West wing of the museum with classical paintings. I always enjoy watching the Dutch masters. We also saw a David-Apollo statue that was on loan from a museum in Florence.


New Year's Eve 2012

Yesterday we celebrated New Year's Eve with a nice family dinner with Milan and Nadia. Food was our beloved traditional set of dishes -- mlechna and ruska salad, roasted turkey on home-made sauerkraut and Nadia made a great baklava dessert. A bowl with oliebollen complimented the meal.

I've had a cold the last few days and while I've recovered, Nora just started having a stuffy nose so she wasn't sleeping well. At 11:30 pm she woke up, angry that she couldn't breathe through her nose, and we picked her up and we welcomed the New Year with her. We saw the ball drop on Times Square for a few minutes, and then danced to welcome 2013.

We'd like to wish our readers a happy 2013 and all the best for the new year.

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