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Yep - the bug I found is indeed 'the big' one. Did quite a lot of tests now, seems to work fine. Nice! Gerben (my sister's boyfriend) is playing in a band. On their website there's something really cool: Tetris! Tonight I'm going for a short break with Daniel & Rob. Looking forward to it.


Fake demos

Oh, what an absolutely brilliant story on slashdot about fake demo's... for everybody who's interested in computers and fooling the bosses ;)


Cool link

At my work now, but there is one link I really want to show. "Features of Computers".


Joeri, a fellow student from the VU is now doing his final project, in the States. On his website there's a cool dynamic cartoon page, with Garfield. Garfield rulez!


Jaap on Internet

My father has been on internet for quite a while, now with an article about his project at his work.


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