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Rijsttafel De Wieken

Making pisang goreng.Tonight I attended the rijsttafel dinner organized by the Dutch club in the Triangle, De Wieken.

There were at least 40 people and a large variety of food. I especially liked an Indonesian 'salad' consisting of mixed rice, shrimp, currants and chopped vegetables. There was a huge bag with krupuk. True to Dutch habit, the evening started at 5.00 pm and dinner was served pretty much right away. Quite a difference with yesterday's dinner. The party was in a club house of a community in North Raleigh, about 30 minutes away from us.

I brought some of the serundeng I made earlier this week and beets pickled based on a recipe my parents gave me, atjar beet. The latter worked out really well; with a subtle delicious flavor.

Someone I spoke with, of Indonesian descent, recommended a new store in Raleigh that carries a lot of real Indonesian ingredients, including dried shrimp paste (trassi), something I've been looking for for a while. I'll check it out next week.

It was a nice, relaxed evening and I enjoyed the company a lot.

Making pisang goreng.

Making pisang goreng, baked banana.


Volgend jaar kom ik ook!
Tot morgen....

Mmm, trassi! Waar is die winkel in Raleigh? Ik koop nu af en toe wat Conimex producten bij Southern Seasons, maar hun assortiment is niet erg uitgebreid.

Koen, leuk dat je mijn website gevonden hebt.

De trassi heb ik van de week gevonden in The Oriental Store in Raleigh. Ik heb meer hier meer info geplaatst:

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