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Game weekend

Another game-weekend! Tomorrow there'll be a demonstration, Sunday both a tournament and demo. And Monday we'll see Marjolein & Jerry for a Steden & Ridders.

Sasha and I will be working both days, it's all here in Haarlem! So we don't have to leave at 7:00 (like when we left for Amersfoort or Leeuwarden). Ettie and my parents will play on Sunday.
There's also a third event, the WK qualifications in Weesp. Rob and Jerry will do that one.


  • Boekhandel de Vries, Gedempte Oude Gracht 27

  • Sunday:

  • Paul Krugerkade 6, Haarlem (tournament)
  • Game Time, Gen. Cronjéstraat 47 (demo)
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