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Testing all day

Hmm.. Unfortunately the thing doesn't work. I spent the whole day testing a trying to find out where there error is. Now I'm making my "proggie.c" a bit more sophisticated, so I can trust it being alive...



This morning I implemented the phys_copy_ext (memory copy with overlap), which means all the building bricks are there. I can fysically move a process (with overlap if necessary), I can adjust the process tables for moving a text or a data/bss segment of a process, and I have a algorithm to defragment memory. Tomorrow morning I'll glue these together, and then I'll submit my first exercise for testing, Sunday or Monday.

This afternoon we went shopping; I bought a suit! Tomorrow Henrik, a collegue, will get married. it's gonna be fun!


Cool link

At my work now, but there is one link I really want to show. "Features of Computers".


Kernel moves segments now

After a long, boring day, I'm having some results. Now I can move (using kernel-code) the data/stack segment or the text segment of a running process. The kernel recognizes shared text-segments, and everything seems to work all right. Nice feeling, but I'm pretty tired of programming now. We'll go swimming tonight, that always nice and good the empty the mind.


I love programming

Oi! It works again! I love programming. Íî îáè÷àì Ñàøà íàé-ìíîãîòî ðàçáèðà ñå.


Crashed virtual machine

It's Tuesday again, first day of the week I have time for my practical work. Started at 10:00. It's now 13:00 and there is still a lot of work to do... I'm still moving the stuff to the kernel; replacing a lot of hacks with decent code. Of course now it doesn't work anymore, but it's not so bad as it was this morning. I managed to crash my Virtual Computer (that is: the program I run my operating system in crashed. Not supposed to happen.)

Boris Godoenov

We just saw the first part of opera by Musorgski, Boris Godoenov. After the first 20 minutes we left, it was boring... but 20 minutes were nice :)


To Oma Groen

Today no Minix. The weather was wonderful, and we went to my grandmother in Heereveen. It was very cosy, she moved to a new appartment, beautiful. We had dinner in a good Chinese restaurant, sth like Golden Roses. Next time I'll have number 304 and Kerry Ko again ;)

In the train from Hoorn to Amsterdam we met Alrik, an old friend. In Amsterdam we had to run for the intercity to Duivendrecht; the lady said we didn't have to pay (she didn't know how to handle our strippenkaart). Had great fun: we were sitting to 2 south-Dutch farmers. As Alex and I were talking Bulgarian, they though we were foreigners and I heard "...ze verstaan het toch niet..." (...they don't understand it anyway...) Couldn't keep my laughing, the two were so funny :)


Joeri, a fellow student from the VU is now doing his final project, in the States. On his website there's a cool dynamic cartoon page, with Garfield. Garfield rulez!


Lots of trying...

Trying to put the stuff in the kernel is boring and error-prone, still working on it. Lot's of .h files to be changed. The people we rent the apartment from came to see what the renovations have been.


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