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To Reedville, VA.Saturday morning Rosa picked us up at 7.00 o'clock. Rick and Rosa had invited us to spent a weekend in their cottage, in Reedsville, Virginia.

Reedsville is located about 140 mile from Arlington, and we were ready for a long drive. On a weekend like this (it was Labor Day weekend) there is usually a lot of traffic, but the traffic was very smooth.

The day before we left there had been rumours that the gas supply would be reduced, and gas station across Maryland and Virginia would be closed. This was not true, but it probably scared a lot of drivers away from making long road trips. Gas prices have gone up quite dramatically the last weeks, up to $3,50 a gallon.

We had a smooth ride, and stopped at the same gas station as we did on our way to Williamsburg a few months ago. We were the three of us in the car, but we had quite some luggage so the car was fully packed.

Trip from Arlington to Reedsville.

Compare the gasprices with when we went to Williamsburg.

Harbor of Reedsville, VA.

The harbor of Reedsville. A major industry in the village is fishing for menhaden, an oily little fish.

On the first day we visited Reedsville, a small village next to the cottage. We saw the harbor, and the The Gables. This is a very interesting building that was founded in the early 1900's partly with the parts of an old schooner, a wooden ship. The captain of that ship used many wooden parts of the ship for his new house, including the mast that is now standing across three floors in the center of the house.

We went inside the Gables house and met the owner, a very friendly lady.


In Holland the benzine is also very expensive: it is about 1 euro 50 per liter. half year ago it was 1,17 and at that time i was thinking that`s expensive, but now its much more...

Once upon a time cars were not allowed on the roads on sundays because of shortage of fuel.
One could play on the roads.

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