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Busy times

Wow... it has been pretty crazy these days at work. We are completing the IT testing phase of my project, and that means we've been working in 'crunch' mode the last weeks.

However, the end is coming closer and the good thing is that the code looks pretty good. It will be quite busy tomorrow and Friday, but most IRs have been fixed and we're now basically cleaning up some of the smaller stuff.

Anyway -- it took quite some time and energy so I took less time to update the website. Should slowly improve next week.

By then I will be in Puerto Rico, I'm travelling Monday morning, to assist the customer with the start of their UAT testing.


To Italy

To Italy.Tibor and Janneke are moving to Italy for a year. This Thursday they are leaving their house in IJburg and moving to Palazzo del Maggiore, in northern Italy.

They'll be working in a hotel there, owned by Tibor's father and enjoy the good life in Italy... an excellent plan. Tibor and Janneke created a website about their plan.

Tibor being Tibor, he also has great plans to connect the (mountain) village to the world wide web using an ambitious wire-less uplink to the coast, where a multi-line DSL connection will connect a number of villages with internet.

We wish you an enjoyable adventure and a great time!


Drop at work

Today I brought some drop to my work.

"Drop" is Dutch for liquorice, and it's quite popular in the Netherlands, with many different flavors.

The reaction of my colleagues was mixed. Most of them were very polite, and there were three people who actually enjoyed it (I was one of them).



Today we spent the afternoon in Alexandria where there was an art market in the main street. There were many different artists and styles. We had a good time looking at the different paitings and sculptures, but found nothing for our house.

When the market was closing, we had a few beers on the main street. The waiter said: "oh yeah, we might have some Belgium beer: Heineken is Belgium, right?" It was a special day today, as we celebrated our 7th aniversary together, and we went for dinner in a really nice French restaurant. The food was delicious and we spend a lot of time there. It was an outside restaurant, we were sitting in a garden.

When we took the metro back, the orange line had a huge delay and according to the sign we would have to wait 20 minutes at the Rosslyn station, so we walked home.



To Reedville, VA.Saturday morning Rosa picked us up at 7.00 o'clock. Rick and Rosa had invited us to spent a weekend in their cottage, in Reedsville, Virginia.

Reedsville is located about 140 mile from Arlington, and we were ready for a long drive. On a weekend like this (it was Labor Day weekend) there is usually a lot of traffic, but the traffic was very smooth.

The day before we left there had been rumours that the gas supply would be reduced, and gas station across Maryland and Virginia would be closed. This was not true, but it probably scared a lot of drivers away from making long road trips. Gas prices have gone up quite dramatically the last weeks, up to $3,50 a gallon.

We had a smooth ride, and stopped at the same gas station as we did on our way to Williamsburg a few months ago. We were the three of us in the car, but we had quite some luggage so the car was fully packed.


To the Chesapeake bay

We are leaving in 30 minutes to the Chesapeake Bay. It's Labor Day Monday, so we have a long weekend, and Rosa invited us to join her to her summer house.

We're leaving early, to beat the worst traffic -- it will be very busy on the road and it's a trip of a couple of hours.


A city flooded

New Orleans.The news coming from New Orleans is becoming worse and worse.

A week ago it was "just" about a city threatened by a hurricane. After the hurricane passed there was a sense of relief that the city didn't get directly hit. But the water that came afterwards turned out to be the real villain.

The situation looks extremely bad for the thousands of people who are still stranded in the flooded city. Let's hope everybody gets out as quickly as possible. It will take many months, likely years, for the city to recover.


Roosevelt island

A deer.Sunday we went for a long walk and we've visited the Roosevelt island. For a long time I've been wanting to see it, but I could never find out how to get there, even though it's very close to my work.

A few weeks ago I was making a phone call outside, when somebody asked me: "excuse me, how do we get to Roosevelt island?" I told him that I didn't know, but I recognized something in his accent and when I replied in Dutch the man was very surprised that we spoke the same language.

It was a very pleasant Sunday, with this two hour walk and a nice dinner.

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