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Washington blooming

An event that attracts a lot of tourists in the spring is the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. In a period of about a week, all the cherry blossoms downtown are blooming, which makes for a beautiful Washington D.C. The area around the Jefferson memorial is especially popular.

Sasha and I went to see this event after work. Because of the day-light savings time it was light till late -- very nice.

Yesterday I was home extremely late from work, there's an important event for our customer this weekend.

Us, near the Jefferson memorial.

On my way to work.


mooie foto van jullie twee.
we hebben hem uitgeprint.

Leuk al die plaatjes van W'burg en W'ton in bloei weer te zien. Ben op beide plekken menigmaal geweest, ook in deze periode. Je bent ook heel wat kilootjes kwijt zo te zien..
Veel groeten,

Kersenbloesems? Daarvoor ga je toch naar Japan? Zo veel haiku's, zoveel bloesems, eindeloos...

NICE picture!!! Looks really romantic!!!

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