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El Morro, San Juan

Sunday we visited the El Morro fort in downtown San Juan. The weather was excellent and it's a beautiful location so we took a lot of pictures.

When we arrived there, a kite-contest was going one, hundreds of kites were in the air. The fort is located on a corner of the island and there was a lot of wind so the area around the fort is great for kites. The sun was shining strong.

See the pictures.


Sunday morning breakfast

Breakfast.A week ago on Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast together in the hotel itself. The restaurant was overlooking the sea, and it was very sunny so the view was great. Coffee, great view, being together... an excellent start of the day.

The waiter made a unpleasant mistake, which wasn't very nice but certainly couldn't ruin our mood. And after the breakfast, she came back and apologized and said the breakfast was on the hotel. Nice gesture.


Tapas in Puerto Rico

La Cocina del Fraile.Saturday afternoon last week Sasha and I went to Old San Juan again. It's a beautiful city, and of course it was much better to walk around now than Friday night when it was raining. We walked around the harbor, and on the city walls that were erected by the Spanish rulers of the island, and spent a long time just walking around and relaxing.

We had dinner in a great tapas bar. Puerto Rico, of course, has been a colony of Spain for over 400 years, so the cuisine and the culture are an interesting mixture of native Puerto Rican and Spanish elements.

The place we went to is called "La Cocina del Fraile", and next to a great parma ham, we had some very nice local dishes. We were sitting in a very small garden behind the building, where there was room for only four or five tables, very cosy.


Some rest

Wednesday night we went out for dinner, and spent the evening in a Mexican restaurant with nice food and margarita's. Thursday night one of my colleagues who lives on this island, brought us to a local student bar near the university, where we had a few beers and danced on the local music. The bar, called Shannens, calls itself a Irish Pub but it's a big mystery why. They don't have Irish beers, nor any Irish background -- the place is actually sponsored by Heineken. Nevertheless, it was a great place to go out to, and I liked it. There was a life band playing a nice combination of Spanish rock and Caribean music. They sure know how to play good dance music here and dance to it!

Friday evening I was very tired. Three colleagues went back to the States, and there are only two of us left in the hotel now. I spent the evening alone, which was very nice for a change after two intense weeks -- I had a great time with my colleagues here, they are nice to go out with and fun, but I just needed a little break and physical rest.

I had dinner in a restaurant in the hotel across the street, their great pasta dish again, with two beers. I went to bed at 22.00 o'clock and didn't wake up until 9.30 o'clock this morning. Breakfast downstairs, now I'm back in the hotel room. In a little while I'll meet up with Kevin, my other remaining colleague.


Ettie's birthday

Today is Ettie's birthday.

She is celebrating today in Leeuwarden, and my father is there as well. Last weekend she had a party in Middenmeer, and I regret it that we couldn't be there.

Anyway -- congratulations from both of us!

Work Arlington 2006

Soaking wet

I am writing this from the office, with the arms and shoulders of my shirt totally wet.

Puerto Rico has a beautiful climate, but can have rather unexpected rainfall. I went for lunch with five colleagues in a shopping center about 10 minutes walking from the office. When we wanted to go back it started raining. We had only three umbrella's and six people, so we shared them but the Puerto Rican rain is very, very strong. It should try quick enough, with the airconditioning in the office.


A sunny Saturday morning

View from the balcony.When we woke up Saturday morning the sun was shining, the sky was clear blue and it was nice and warm: vacation!

We had breakfast in a coffee place outside near the hotel and for the first time this year I was wearing my sandals and shorts. After our sandwich and coffee we went for a walk in the area around the hotel. The ocean shore there is rocky (see these two pictures) and the waves were crashing against the shore.

After that I worked for a few hours while Sasha was enjoying the pool. The hotel has a wireless network, so I first sat in the lobby and later even from the poolside.

It was a great feeling when I was done with work. We had lunch together at the pool, with a beer in the sun. Excellent.



A short cable.This afternoon I bought a new network cable for my laptop. The hotel provides an internet connection in the room, but you need to bring your own cable to connect to it. Last week I borrowed somebody else's, but I got my own today.

I didn't really pay attention, except that I didn't want to pay to much money, these cables are so expensive! I bought the cheapest one I could find, a short one. Only when I arrived in the hotel room I realized that three feet is really very short! So now I'm sitting on the floor.

I went for dinner with four colleagues in a restaurant in the hotel across the street. I had pasta there, with a salad. I spoke with Sasha on the phone when she was changing planes, she'll be home around this time.

It's nice to enter a room for the first time, and I liked unpacking my stuff. If everything goes as planned, I'll stay 10 more nights here.


Friday evening

So Friday night I went to my new hotel, and met with Sasha there: a great start of a great weekend.

The hotel were we stayed, the Wyndham Condado Plaza, is located closer to the city than the Holiday Inn I was in during the week. It's a very large hotel, with a casino downstairs, a couple of restaurants and about five swimming pools.

Friday evening the weather was pretty bad, just like it had been pretty much the rest of the week. In the afternoon, when Sasha arrived, the weather was good though so she got a nice welcome on Puerto Rico.

We went to the city by cab and when we arrived there it was raining. That was unfortunate but we were obviously in a good mood and it didn't spoil our evening. It helped that the cab stopped right in front of a small shop where they sold umbrella's. We looked around for a place to eat and after a while we found a very nice restaurant, "Amadeus". There we had a nice dinner with some typical Puerto Rican ingredients such as fried plantain, and enjoyed the Friday evening.


Sea side

Together at the seaside in Puerto Rico.I finished work for today, that means we'll go into old San Juan in a little while to see what's there to discover.

Working is much nicer at the poolside or lobby of a hotel than in the office. This morning we went to the sea. There is a small beach nearby, but most of the shore are rocks. Big waves are crashing on them.

The weather is great today, so before we'll go out we'll have lunch at the pool.


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