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In 2004 I moved from the Netherlands to the United States, and it's been great to experience a new culture from up close. I like to keep track of new English words and expressions that I learn over time.

Some of these words were completely new to me and for others I wasn't very sure about their precise meaning.

Word Description When foundsort ascending
gewgaw 02/24/2007
to throw down the gauntlet 02/22/2007
Cerebral palsy 02/22/2007
Philips screwdriver 02/20/2007
pugnacious 02/18/2007
bilge 02/18/2007
bale out 02/18/2007
estuary 02/17/2007
feline 02/17/2007
equerry 02/17/2007
swede 02/17/2007
nubile 02/17/2007
convalescence 02/13/2007
hearse 02/12/2007
shunt 02/11/2007
chaps 02/07/2007
pasture 02/04/2007
detritus 02/01/2007
midden 02/01/2007
adze 01/31/2007
fallow 01/28/2007
shank 01/28/2007
bile 01/27/2007
Groundhog Day 01/22/2007
venison 01/22/2007


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