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In 2004 I moved from the Netherlands to the United States, and it's been great to experience a new culture from up close. I like to keep track of new English words and expressions that I learn over time.

Some of these words were completely new to me and for others I wasn't very sure about their precise meaning.

Word Description When foundsort ascending
sandbagging 11/18/2010
crushing it 09/29/2010
As easy as falling off a log 05/03/2010
spring chicken 03/25/2010
doing donuts 02/02/2010
drive shaft 01/28/2010
desiccated 08/24/2009
samovar 07/28/2009
jalopy 07/25/2009
sod 07/06/2009
pinch an inch 07/02/2009
thresher 06/28/2009
smock 06/28/2009
scuttlebutt 06/06/2009
off your rocker 06/02/2009
glee club 05/14/2009
copasetic 04/23/2009
to throw me for a loop 03/17/2009
jump the shark 03/13/2009
Warble fly 03/06/2009
feeling cooped up 02/15/2009
tiger cruise 01/25/2009
to talk turkey 01/20/2009
Bolster 01/07/2009
from whole cloth 11/04/2008


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