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Ankie and Joost in Raleigh

Guus, Sasha, Ankie and Joost. On Monday morning we had breakfast together and Sasha and I left for work. Joost and Ankie spent the morning in the mall, and then came to my office and we had lunch together.

We went to Ole Time Barbeque, a great BBQ place near my work where they serve traditional East North Carolina BBQ, in a vinegary sauce. I don't come there often (it's not exactly light & healthy) but it's very delicious and the people are very friendly.

After lunch Joost and Ankie continued their journey; next stop Asheville. It was really nice to see them again and spend time together!

Guus, Sasha, Ankie and Joost.

Guus, Sasha, Ankie and Joost.

Guus and Joost at lunch.

Leaving the house.

Guus and Joost at lunch.

BBQ for lunch.


Hi Uncle Guus and Aunt Sasha,

Concratulation with your nephew!!

We realy had a great time at your place! our trip to miami was realy cool and we saw a lot of things and ofcourse enjoyed the sun and the beaches :)

but unfortunately our vacation is over now, we just arrived in Rotterdam. We had a good trip home, we had to run through Paris Charles du Chaulles (unfortunately, great achitecture :p ), but catched our flight and at Schiphol a collegue of Joost surprised us by picking us up so we didn't have to travel by train.

Guus, say hi to your collegues and tell them that we travelled to Savannah and to the Keys and Key West, and it was realy nice!

Sasha, say hi to your (study)collegues and good luck with this schoolyear!


Joost en Ankie

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