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London in one afternoon

London.In the afternoon I went for a long walk along the Thames. I saw the London Eye for the first time, the big Ferris wheel near the parliament buildings.

I've been in London before, but that's many years ago (some great memories, including my first vacation with friends). I read a lot about the Millenium projects and it was nice to see it.

After dinner I prepared some things for work and now I'm going to sleep.


English breakfast

A London cab.I went for a walk in the area around the hotel, and had a terribly unhealthy but authentic lunch. I had an "English breakfast" which includes beans, bacon, sausage, eggs and something fried that tasted good but I don't know the name of.

I checked into the hotel -- a cute room with a tiny bed. I plan to go out for walk along the river in a while and I realize that I don't have a large selection of clothes to wear for this weather. I brought shorts and sandals...


In London

Farrington train station.It's 11.45 am local time now and I'm in the lobby of my hotel in London. Around 8.30 am we landed at Gatwick airport, and after journey by train and cab I'm now waiting for check-in to start.

I guess in theory I could have rented a car, but I'm quite happy with the train... it's pretty strange to see cars on the left side of the road, especially at crossings. I've been in the U.K. a few times before but I didn't drive yet then so I never really paid it attention. I had to consciously think about where to stand so a cab could stop and pick me up.

The flight was nice. The seat next to me was empty and I slept quite a bit. I had a great hamburger at the airport for dinner, sort of a good-bye to American food for a week.


On my way to London

To Newark.I am on my way to London today. On Monday and Tuesday I have meetings for my work in our London office. I'm really looking forward to it -- we're talking about some exciting things.

Travel wise, I am as ready as can be. I'm scheduled to arrive at Gatwick Sunday morning local time, 24 hours earlier than I really have to. Should something make me miss my flight from Newark tonight, I can take the next one a day later and still be nicely on time. All the same, my flight from Newark isn't until 8 pm and I'm scheduled to arrive around 5 pm so there's plenty of room for delays.

An example of unexpected incidents is that when we went to the supermarket to pick up some fresh bread, an hour before I was scheduled to leave the house, a police car stopped in front of us and blocked the road. There was a parade just around the supermarket, and all 3 crossings from our house under freeway 147 were blocked by the police. We tried all 3 crossings (in vain), and at the third one we parked and walked and ran towards to supermarket. We quickly picked up the bread and went to pay. When you're in such a hurry everybody seems to be slow, but due to the parade Whole Foods was almost empty so we were done quickly. We ran back to the car and we arrived 10 minutes before the cab picked me up.

At first the flight to Newark seemed to have a short delay, "I just wanna board very leisurely" said the flight attendant, but in the end we arrived on time.


Andrej's birthday

At Duke.Yesterday evening we went to Andrej's birthday party that he celebrated on a parking lot at Duke.

This may sound like an usual location but this weekend is the weekend that the season tickets for the Duke basketball team are on sale. The basket ball team is Duke's most successful sports team and tickets are in high demand. Students who want those tickets have to "stay in line" for over 48 hours, and on Sunday evening the tickets are distributed. Over the years this weekend has become a big party weekend, and in addition to students staying in tents there are many who choose to rent a big truck or even a RV to spend the weekend as comfortable as possible.

Andrej, a Ukrain national, had brought many Ukrainian snacks and drinks (vodka, of course) and celebrated his birthday in style. We didn't stay until very late but it was fun. When we left he gave of some Ukrainian sweets for in the car.


High school memories

Vending machine.There's an article on about a black market in candy bars in a school where candy bars are no longer sold by the school.

Reading that article brought back some really nice high school memories. When a vending machine for candy was placed in the hallway where we used to sit in the breaks, we decided to undercut it and made a nice profit for about two weeks.


Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported.For years I have been listening to web radio. When I worked in the Netherlands I found, a collection with free MP3 streams with a wide variety of music styles. Most of the streams I listen to are broadcasted by or, its partner company.

Instead of going through, I found myself listening to pretty much all the time. The music selection is excellent and their servers are so reliable that it's as good as listening to an MP3 collection on your hard disk.

A few months ago I upgraded to the premium service. Partly to get rid of the advertisements, and partly because I want to support the company in the hope they'll stay alive in the wake of the new royalty fee scheme for internet broadcasting. I don't know who's wrong or right in that conflict between the RIAA and internet broadcasters, but I do know that I would really miss web radio if they have to take their service down.


Spam comments

Spam.Occasionally you may see a spam comment on the website: somebody making commercials for other websites or commercial products, usually of dubious value.

If they show up, I delete such comments within a couple of hours. In fact, the great majority of spam comments are automatically blocked by filters (up to 50 comments a day). This morning somebody told me that a real, legitimate comment was filtered out... which is not what I want!

I've changed the filter settings. Comments placed by logged in users will not be checked for spam anymore, only comments from anonymous users will. If you do experience any problems please let me know -- your comments are a very big part of the fun of this website.


20,000 miles

20,000 milesLast week when we came back from Southpoint Mall with Joost and Ankie the odometer reached 20,000 miles.

We've had the car for a year.


Julian Milan Zane

Julian Milan Zane.Yesterday Julian Milan Zane was born!

Julian was born at 5.13 am in New York and mother and son are doing great. He's 20" and weights 7 pounds 7.2 ounces.

A wonderful addition to the Zane family.

Jonathan, Irena, Ilana: many congratulations from both of us!


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