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"Not a worry in the world"

When we left the pediatrician's office today Nora was sound asleep. We bring her to the office in her car seat, which she seems to enjoy.

In the hallway a lady looked at Nora and smiled: "Not a worry in the world".

Here she is, 10 days old now.


In mommy's arms

Nora, 3 days old, in her mommy's arms.


So busy!

Wow, we have been really busy.

Nora is now 5 days old and needs to be fed every three hours. So, that means waking up every three hours for her parents. My apologies to all of you who emailed us and called us: thank you, and we will eventually have time to answer!

We're trying to eat healthy, and so far, so good. I did have time to squeeze in a 15 minute visit to the grocery store this morning and buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

We went to the pediatrician today where she was weighted and inspected.


A birthday party with Nora

Sasha has a birthday today and while we are very busy with feeding and burping and diapering, we had a piece of chocolate cake together.

Things are pretty crazy -- there is so much to learn. But it's an amazing time.


First visitors for Nora

This afternoon the Zane family came to meet Nora, their new cousin.

It was great to share the happy news with them, and Nora was very comfortable in Irena's arms.

We had beschuit met muisjes to celebrate the birth.


Nora's 3rd day

Today is the third day in Nora's life. The last 72 hours have been an amazing time. Thank you all for the sweet emails and comments. We will reply to them all when things "slow down".

Sasha is doing well and today we are even expecting our first visitors -- the Zane family will stop by.

Nora is amazing. Incredible to see such a sweet babygirl and to realize it's ours. And our responsibility.

I am having my first cup of coffee of the day -- it is noon, so I am in pretty desperate need -- and Nora is sleeping next to me in her bassinet. She likes sleeping, clearly. She moves in her sleep sometimes if there is an unexpected sound, like a door closing in the hallway. As new parents we are closely monitoring how much she eats and processes. So far, so good.

I've learned how to swaddle her, and how to say "to swaddle" in Dutch: bakeren. Nora seems to like it, nicely in a bundle. This morning I changed her diaper for the first time. I'm also learning how to type with one hand while safely holding Nora in the other.

Things she likes/dislikes:

- Obviously, her favorite place is being with mom. Bliss.
- In her bassinet, she likes the swaddle. It calms her down.
- She enjoy snuggling on my chest. Especially after feeding.
- She doesn't like it when I put on her hat. Once it's on she's fine but the placing always annoys her a bit.


Nora Bosman!

I am the happiest man on earth.

Our daughter Nora was born last night and mother and child are doing great.


Тест за видео

Моля; опитай да отвори видеото. Парола е secret.


A little bit of snow

We had a little bit of snow yesterday. I made a movie to practice with our new point & shoot camera, and to iron out any kinks in the upload and sharing process.


Ice skating in Haarlem

It's been really cold in the Netherlands the last two weeks and many canals and rivers are frozen.

Harm sent me beautiful pictures of a ice skating trip he made through the city of Haarlem, where we used to live. My uncle skated over the Spaarne river from Haarlem to Spaarndam and took nice shots of windmill De Adriaan at the Hooimarkt.

Unlike most Dutchmen, I do not personally enjoy ice skating. My childhood memories of learning to skate are mainly about very cold hands and clumsy falling. When we lived in Opperdoes there was a small river behind our house, with a view of the farmlands surrounding the village. I vividly remember the bitter cold when trying to tie my wooden skates to my boots.

At the other hand I have very happy memories of our wooden sleigh, and my father pushing Ettie and me through the snow.

Cold winters like these are fairly rare in the Netherlands. There was the hope that the Elfstedentocht skating marathon would be held this year, but it was not to be. Ettie and Gerben sent us cute videos of Jasper's first experience on the ice at the Bonkevaart in Leeuwarden. I hope his early childhood memories about the ice will be happy.


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