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Bitterballen in Arlington

Yesterday we went to a fun Dutch social, or "borrel", in a bar in Ballston.

After work I picked up Sasha, Jeroen and Juan from downtown D.C. and we drove back to Arlington. The monthly meetup was in Frontpage in Ballston. It was a lot of fun and the bitterballen were delicious.

No big plans for this weekend. We've completed almost all the preparations and purchases, so time to relax. Last Saturday I filed our taxes, which was quite a bit of work since we had to file state returns in North Carolina, DC and Virginia. Always a good feeling when that paperwork has been completed.


Crib arrived

The crib arrived! It is a present from Opa and Oma, and it is beautiful (thank you!). The crib can also be converted into a toddler bed and even a children's bed, so it will be with us for many years.

I worked from home on Monday to accept the delivery and around 11.30 am they called and brought the big package upstairs. The package shipped from Washington state and was more than 100 lbs.

We put it together on Monday evening and it fits nicely in our bedroom.


Super Bowl 2012

Yesterday we went to a Super Bowl party to watch the "big game" with several of Sasha's colleagues. It had been two years since I saw a football game and even though we know the rules fairly well it was fun to hear the expert commentary from folks at the party.

The host supported the New England Patriots, who unfortunately lost in the last few minutes, but it was a fun evening nevertheless. The halftime show with Madonna was marvelously over the top.


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