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So busy!

Wow, we have been really busy.

Nora is now 5 days old and needs to be fed every three hours. So, that means waking up every three hours for her parents. My apologies to all of you who emailed us and called us: thank you, and we will eventually have time to answer!

We're trying to eat healthy, and so far, so good. I did have time to squeeze in a 15 minute visit to the grocery store this morning and buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

We went to the pediatrician today where she was weighted and inspected.


Aw, very cute pictures! I remember the exhaustion of the first weeks/months well. Hopefully she'll turn out to be a good sleeper :).

Sweet pictures!
Did she pass "the inspection"?

Yep, she was certified ;)

Everything was fine.

Wonderful news ! :-)

Do you have to wake her up for her feeds? If so, you might start feeding 'on demand', where Nora indicates when she's hungry and als long as she gains weight you're good;) worked very well for my underweight second daughter who refused to eat when woken up;)

Here also on demand, works good.

yes, when I am hungry, Ettie gives me something to eat... :-)

Looking good dad!

Its all Good Guus at the end of the day when you look at her divine face, you forget all the stress in the world :) Cherish this moment and all the very best.

Sleep is for the weak. BTW, Hayley watched me looking at the page and said the baby is cute.

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