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Above the ground

Last weekend I had to get used to being back on the East Coast -- Friday I went to bed at 2.00 am, and Saturday after midnight again.

I must have been sleepy later in the week also. I took the metro in the morning, and all of a sudden we were above ground! That was quite a surprise. I had taken the wrong line (blue instead of orange), and I had to switch trains back at Arlington Cemetery.

Yesterday there were drinks and bitterballen at Mackey's bar, a few minutes from our house. That was a lot of fun. Yesterday we also heard that we can stay a little longer in our temporary apartment which is nice because we still have quite some unpacking to do. This weekend we'll go to the new place and tackle some more boxes.


Back in DC

I arrived in DC last night, and two hours later the Zane family arrived from New Jersey. We had a nice evening together. They are staying in our D.C. apartment; we went for the first time to our new apartment in Arlington.

I woke up at 7.30 am, which felt quite early after a week on the East Coast and after a late night yesterday.


In California

Sunday we went to the new apartment to unpack some more boxes. Slowly but surely it starts to look liveable.

Yesterday I arrived in the San Francisco area for work. It was nice to meet the people in our office here. We're staying in Palo Alto.

I went for a run over the Stanford campus earlier; it's easy to go for a 6.00 am run when there's a three hour time difference. On my way to the office now.


Got the keys

Today we received the keys for our new apartment in Courthouse.

The moving company will unload our belongings tomorrow morning. Our rent in the current apartment is paid for through the end of the month, so we're not moving immediately but have some time to arrange things before we move in.

Our new apartment is very light with large windows, and a great view over Virginia. It's on the 7th floor, so it overlooked the tree tops of Arlington. From our kitchen window we can see DC with the National Cathedral.


What do you need in a furnished apartment?

The apartment we're staying in now is furnished, which is a great luxury. It includes everything from silverware, dishes and cups to towels and sheet.

However, from our stay in Somerset last year we learned that even in a fully furnished temporary apartment there are still things that are worthwhile bringing in. Most important is the big box with spices and herbs and a good kitchen knife (the knifes that come with the apartment are not very good). We also brought our favorite coffee mugs.

When we left Durham, now almost 6 weeks ago, we prepared a few boxes with things, mainly cooking equipment. Unlike last time, we did not have to get a new coffee machine.


Firefox 7 freezes with high CPU usage

For several days now my Firefox browser has been freezing up every now and then. The browser will try to connect to a website but never get there. Sometimes it succeeds after a minute or two, sometimes it gets stuck completely. It feels as if the internet connection is dead, but Internet Explorer and other internet applications are not affected.

First I blamed the anti-virus software, but the problem occurred even after I disabled it.

Finally I got around to Googling it, and thankfully other people were experiencing the problem as well. The fix is simple. On the about:config page cange the settings for


back to 30. In Firefox 5 the default was value 30, in version 6 and 7 it was increased to 256, which caused the problem for me. More information here:


A great Friday night

Yesterday I left work at 6.00 pm, and from our metro stop (Foggy Bottom) I walked towards Sasha's work. We walked home together. The police had close off Dupont Circle, so we waited to see if the President would come by. A few minutes later we saw him and the motorcade, always an impressive sight. He was on his way to a fundraiser.

We had a great dinner at Pizza Paradizo on P Street, and then we went for a walk through a part of Georgetown that we had never been before. We ended the evening in Barnes and Noble on M Street, where we browsed some books but didn't buy anything.

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