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A day in downtown DC

Today Sasha started at her new job in downtown DC.

Myself, I have a week of free time. My work at Raritan is over, and I won't start my next job until next week, so through Labor Day I have no work commitments.

Today was a very fruitful day. I organized a lot of our paperwork and worked a little on my hobby website. I also got a library card for the Washington DC public library, an important part of making a city my home.

In the evening we went for a walk together. We're about 10 minutes walking from the National Mall, which is really cool, and we walked from the Lincoln Memorial along the Reflecting Pool to the World War II Memorial. The Pool is under construction, so it was rather dark, but the Mall is a great place for an evening walk.


After Irene

Thankfully hurricane Irene did not have the major impact that was feared for. To be honest we didn't really notice much, except for drizzling rain all day and strong winds in the evening.

Today was a beautiful and sunny day and we went for a walk. It's pretty cool that we can walk to the National Mall so easily. We visited the new Marten Luther King Memorial. It was busy; originally President Obama was scheduled to dedicate the monument today but that was postponed due to the hurricane. There were a lot of out-of-town visitors at the monument who had planned to see the opening today.


Ready for Irene

Hurricane Irene is on its way from North Carolina to the northern part of the United States. It is not assumed to hit Washington, DC directly and has lost a lot of its strength, but high water and strong winds could cause a lot of damage.

When DC was impacted by hurricane Isabel eight years ago, many homes were without power for several days. Just in case that happens again, we have bought some extra water, candles and food that doesn't have to stay refrigerated. All loose items have been removed from the balconies and patios in our apartment building, to prevent things from blowing away. The storm is supposed to be here between 8 pm and midnight.

Yesterday evening we went to Mackey's bar, where there was a Friday evening social with the DC Dutch club. It was a nice group of people, and since the weather was good we were sitting outside. There were even real bitterballen.

This morning I went for my first run since we arrived in DC. I passed the White House, the Washington Monument and many other famous sights. It was drizzling a little bit, but no heavy wind yet.


Moving our Durham apartment

Yesterday the movers picked up our belongings. We got up at 6.30 am to prepare the last items, and they arrive at 9.30 am.

When we arrived in the States many years ago we each had two suitcases -- our apartment today consist of 6,000 lbs! The movers were a very professional and friendly crew of three. They packed our items until 1.00 pm. It took until 3:30 pm to move everything in the truck.

Since we'll be staying in a temporary apartment for two months, we packed many items into our car as well. I was relieved to see that it all fits, haha.


While the movers we working we didn't have much to do. When we were sitting in the windowsill we felt a slight moving for 15 seconds or so. First we thought that it was something that the movers did, but it was clearly too strong for that. The internet connection of our phones started slowing down, so it took 30 minutes or so before we heard that it was indeed an earthquake; the first ever I've experienced.

When the moving was done we checked into a local hotel, the Millennium. This is the same place Sasha stayed 5 years ago for her first interviews at Duke, so it seemed fitting to spend our last night in Durham here.

We went out with Esteban and Belen for dinner and had a great evening together.


Ready for the movers

We stayed up late yesterday, and the alarm went early this morning, but we're in good shape for the move.

The movers will be here between 8 am and 10 am. The logistics of packing were a little more complicated because we had to separate the things we'll need in our temporary apartment vs items we can live without for two months.


A weekend of packing

This was a weekend of packing.

This morning I packed most of the electronics, and the house is starting to look emptier. The internet equipment will be the very last thing to pack, Tuesday morning.

Work NC

Packing my books

Today I packed up a lot of my belongings at work, including my beloved bookshelf. Next week will be my last week at my current employer.

We went out for drinks last night with my team, that was fun. Today we had lunch together -- North Carolina BBQ, of course. It's sad saying goodbye; it's a great group of people.


Packing up our Durham apartment

The last few weekends we have been sorting and packing our belongings.

A move is always a great opportunity to clean up and sort the archives.

Really excited about our new opportunities in Washington, DC!


My father rocks

Long-time readers know that the server of this website is running in the Netherlands. When we left for the States my parents offered to give the server a place on the attic in Middenmeer.

The server has been running continuously for well over seven years, and doing a great job. But it's starting to show its age -- a scare about a hard disk maybe going bad, and increasingly noisy fans -- so we decided to buy a new one.

The new server arrived without operating system. My father installed and configured OpenBSD earlier this week, so it is now ready for me to install the LAMP stack and some other utilities, and start transferring our websites to the new server. OpenBSD is not for the faint of heart, and it's pretty cool to see it up and running so quickly.

Even enabling the network stack was no problem ("oh, I just did echo dhcp > /etc/hostname.xl0"). Thank you!


Lunch with Petra

Today I went for lunch with Petra; it was great to see her and catch up. We went to Redbowl, an Asian fusion place in Cary, where we had saté with peanut sauce. A shared favorite.

After lunch we did something very Dutch and unusual: we walked across the road to a coffee place. The coffee was excellent, an espresso with freshly roasted beans.


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