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March 3rd

Thursday was March 3rd, Bulgaria's National Day. On that day in 1878 the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire became official by the signing of the Peace Treaty of San Stefano between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

To celebrate, we went out with Ramiro, Bella, Elena and Antonia on Thursday night. I left work a bit earlier and we went to Levante's, an eastern Mediterranean restaurant downtown D.C.

So, we were four Bulgarians and two semi-outsiders, and most of us were wearing a martenitsa: the token that is sent to friends on March 1st, and is a sign of the coming spring. Of course, a lot of the conversation was about Bulgaria and it was a very enjoyable evening.



It was quite windy yesterday.

The snow is, unlike in Holland, almost completely gone but the blowing wind makes it chilly.

When I was walking to work I had to wear my hat and gloves again.


Death penalty for juveniles

The U.S. Supreme Court voted Tuesday to abolish the death penalty for juveniles, people under 18 years old:

"In concluding that the death penalty for minors is cruel and unusual punishment, the court cited a "national consensus" against the practice, along with medical and social-science evidence that teenagers are too immature to be held accountable for their crimes to the same extent as adults."

A good thing in my opinion.


Sunday night dinner

Sunday night Chris came over for dinner. He was Sasha's professor for her internship last year, and they work together often.

It was a really fun evening. We never had anyone over for dinner before here, and it was nice to cook for a guest. With most of the furniture being ready the house is becoming a real home. The missing box for the cupboard should arrive this week.

My work is more quiet this week. It's been snowing lightly here yesterday, although Sunday night the news was announcing "severe weather conditions". Hard to predict tomorrow's weather I guess.


Barnes & Nobles

Books.We spent a wonderful afternoon in Barnes & Nobles last Saturday. Sasha and I both needed a new book, and we spent 2,5 hours walking around, reading a bit, looking at books, drinking coffee... Very relaxing.

We had restricted ourselves to buy just one book per person. It's so tempting to get a lot of books, but if we did so we wouldn't have a reason to go the bookstore in a long time, which wouldn't be nice.

Sasha found a really nice biography, "Nicholas and Alexandra", on the last royals in Russia. I'm afraid I cheated a bit in my choice. It's one book, fair enough, but it will keep me busy for quite a while. I bought the complete works of William Shakespeare, over 1200 pages of text, in a beautiful edition.

I don't really know Shakespeares work, and I felt that's a shame. I've only read Macbeth, in secondary school, and didn't pay a lot of attention to it then.


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