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Oma Groen

Today Oma Groen passed away. She was 89 years old.

We all loved her deeply and she was a wonderful grandmother, both when Ettie & I were little and in later years. When I was born Opa & Oma lived in Velsen-Noord and while I have a few memories from there, they are hazy. Opa was a dentist and after his retirement they moved to a farm in Witteveen, Drenthe. We would stay there often and for long visits. Years later they bought an apartment in Hoogeveen, later Oma moved to Heerenveen. Oma Groen has been a loving presence for me all my life and I'll miss her.

I last saw her in person in the summer of 2014. We frequently talked on the phone and she was always very interested in her great grandchildren. I'm very grateful that she and Nora got a opportunity to meet.



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