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Nora's first time in the zoo

Last Saturday we visited the National Zoo in DC -- the first time that Nora went to a zoo, and she liked it a lot.

When we first entered, she was overwhelmed by all the people and she kept looking at all the kids. When we showed her the first animals -- several zebras -- she wasn't very impressed yet. A few minutes later we saw the pandas, and she did like those. She even learned the name. She liked seeing them eat, but she also enjoyed the pictures of pandas on the walls.

Nora recognized the American wolf as a "waf waf" and a highlight for her were the ducks, which we were able to see real close. We've been reading a lot about ducks, and even though these weren't yellow and chubby she was happy to see them ("kwak kwak!").

She was also impressed by the crows, who were noisy and said "ka, ka". At the end of our walk we saw the cheetahs.

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