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Terug tot Ina Damman

My experience with coming of age books has been rather mixed. I disliked A Catcher in the Rye and especially Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I borrowed this book from my parents because years ago I enjoyed another Vestdijk book a great deal. And indeed, Vestdijk managed to write a book about a 15 year boy that is touching, funny, and interesting.

The book is written in a first person perspective from Anton's point of view. His adolescent mood swings and intellectual developments are particularly visible in the relationship with the mother, who, to the reader, seems like a decent and loving mother but is at times loathed by the main character -- and then loved again.

The book is beautifully written, a true pleasure to read.

I had a vague notion of "the Anton Wagner books" on my mind while reading this, and when I googled it I learned that there are seven other books around this main character. Very interesting.

Simon Vestdijk

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