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Transportation Master Plan

We went to the County again, the third time in three months, to give feedback for a revision of the Transportation Master Plan.

There are positive developments in County policy, and it's good to come out and support the good cause.



We're taking care of 5 chicks this weekend -- Stella, a larger chick, and four recently hatched chicks. It's been really nice to have them in the house, very cozy.


Een kabel

It has been raining for several days in a row, and yesterday when it cleared up we went to the Bluemont creek so see it after all the rain. As expected, the water level was high and it was fun to watch.

Nora asked: "Kun je in dat water zwemmen?" and I explained no, it's not for swimming because of the current ("Er staat een flinke stroming.").

The next day over breakfast, we were talking about this again and Leo told Sasha that the water wasn't for swimming because има кабел -- there's a cable. Later he told me "er was een kabel".

It took us a while to figure out, but Leo translated "stroming" into "stroom" which goes through a cable (кабел)...


Bike to Work Day 2018

For the first time, I made it to a pitstop on Bike to Work Day. The event ends at 9.00 am, and at 8.45 am I was in Ballston.


First work on the new sidewalk

This week the County started working on the first phase of the new sidewalk at Johnson and 13th Street. In the median of Kirkwood there'll be a new bio-retention element, which is what they've started on.

Per an email from the County: "The NC street improvement element is currently at 75% design review comments, and will likely be ready for a neighborhood final design meeting by early 2019."


An open redirect...

Hmmm, I'm not very proud of this but it looks like my site has had an open redirect for a good while. Years, in fact.

It's a custom script that I wrote 15 years ago and somehow survived the migration from the various CMS that I've used.

The original script had a reference to Php-Nuke from 2002. I've now removed it, finally.


To the "far away playground"

The weather is amazing -- spring has really arrived -- and we went for a walk to the 'ver wegge speeltuin'. The kids hadn't been there is a while so that was nice. It's a beautiful walk over Key Blvd and through Lyon Village.

Tuesday night we had dinner outside and Judy joined us. Friday after dinner we went to the taverna for a while.

We also went to Home Depot to get new play sand; it ends up in the yard quickly. Told the boys that "feeding the plants" with sand isn't necessary.

It's good to be outside again.


Koningsdag 2018

Today we went to the Koningsdag celebrations at the Dutch school in Bethesda. This was the first time for Leo and Adrian, and though they are still little they had a good time.

The first 30 minutes or so I always spend in a frenzy looking for a Dutch children's books. The boys thought that the toys for sale were all for playing so that caused some tension, haha. Later we did several games together. A new one this year was koekhappen and that was fun! Adrian was the best in that game. Nora later tried steltlopen and Sasha took a picture of the 4 of us in traditional gear.

The weather was gorgeous and after the games we went to the playground where we had a quiet lunch together. A lovely morning. This is such a nice event. Last year we were there with Joost and Ankie.


April BVCSA meeting

I went to the civic association's meeting tonight. There was a presentation about the new property on the corner of Washington and Kirkwood. Looks pretty good.

I parked my bicycle next to another bakfiets.


To the eye doctor with Adrian

Adrian bumped into the handle of the gate in the yard yesterday. His eye was red and we took him to the eye doctor today.

Thankfully it was a small scratch, and will heal by itself. He'll need some antibiotic drops for a few days.


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