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Water, Wind and Waves

We went to Water, Wind and Waves, an exhibition about Dutch maritime art in the 17th century.

We were a little early and the boys had a lot of energy so I parked at the Federal Reserve and we went for a long walk along Constitution. It's 1.5 miles from there to the museum so they had a change to release their energy.


To the County Fair

This morning we went to the Arlington County Fair, the kermis. Jaap and Mieke walked, I took the kids with the bakfiets. That was a lot of fun, the boys in particular liked crossing the highway on a bike bridge.

We spent most of our time at the playground, and the boys did two rides. Adrian didn't like the first ride ("ik wil dat jij bij mij was") but they both enjoyed the train ride with Opa. We brought sandwiches and water, which was smart since they 'were getting hungry' at 10.30 am, they said. We also met Ginny, who was working for the Arlington Library.


A boy and his Opa

The boys love the attention they are getting.

Here are Jaap and Adrian reading a book.


Jaap's birthday

We celebrated Jaap's birthday together, a nice milestone. In the morning there were gifts -- mostly of the literary persuasion. Later in the day Judy and Ginny joined us for coffee and home-made apple pie.

We went for dinner at the Silver Diner, much to everyone's delight -- it was a fun day.


Protected bikelane on Quincy

This week Quincy a part of is being repaved and it's getting a real protected bikelane, very cool.

I took this route to and from the office, just to try it out. It's probably a little longer than my normal route but it's just so cool to take a real bikelane.


First week with Opa and Oma

Opa and Oma left for New York City yesterday. They took the train. They're planning to visit the Metropolitan, the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park and a few other things.

We've had a great first week together. The boys were a little bit shy, but quickly got used to my parents again, especially when Oma started reading a book.


Jaap and Mieke arrived

My parents are here, it's wonderful to see them. Their plane landed at 4.00 pm, but customs took a while so we were home at 6.30 pm. Leo was very shy in the beginning, hiding behind Sasha, but Adrian was ready to start talking right away.

Mieke read a book, Kom uit die kraan!. They didn't remember it from last year and didn't quite get the story yet, but they quickly warmed up and dinner was fun with lots of talking.



Nora left for Bulgaria today -- all by herself. She is flying as an unaccompanied minor for the first time, a big step for all of us.

I brought her to the airport today and after check-in we went to the gate together. When we spoke to the service agent there Nora said, when asked, "I'm six... and a half".

She wasn't scared at all, just a little excited. When boarding started, she was the very first person on the plane. When the steward took her, she smiled and ran back at me for one more hug, and then she left.

The flight had a bit of a delay due to weather, so I waited a while at the gate until the flight departed. She'll arrive in Frankfurt in a few hours, and then in Bulgaria around 8.00 am EST tomorrow.


Selling our baby gear

We're cleaning out the basement and so we're selling our old baby gear. It makes us a little nostalgic, but it's also nice to clean up and get more space in the house.

The double stroller went to a family with two kids who are consolidating strollers. One of the high chairs went to a family who already had one of the model but wanted one at their aunt's as well. The "baby cage" went to a lady who'll use it for her small dog. The running stroller we sold to a lady who turned out to be a co-worker.

The car seats are more difficult to sell, though we just sold the oldest one (Nora's green one).

Hippo House

Three years at school

Nora's teacher, Ms Leslie, shared a wonderful collection of photo's of Nora from the past three years. It was so nice to see her working on all these projects.


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