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Cooking with Nora

Nora and I had a great time cooking together. It is great hanging out with her. For the first time, her help was actually saving me time.

She, very carefully, put together the speculaas mixture. Measuring, scooping, mixing... everything diligently and carefully done. Later she measured and cut the butter.

We made speculaas cookies, a speculaas cake, and several dishes for today's big meal.

The Zane family arrived around 8.00 pm --- just as we were putting the kids in bath. All of a sudden Julian appeared in the hallway.


Sunday morning

Leo and Adrian are using the "grotemensenstoelen" more often now.

This morning they were snacking on cereal.


A proud father

While I was preparing dinner yesterday, Nora was sitting at the living room table. She was tired after her gymnastics, and sucking her thumb and being quiet. Then I noticed she was actually reading a book.

This is the first time she read a book all by herself, without reading it aloud to someone else. A huge milestone, and I'm very proud.

We're about halfway the Dutch course Veilig Leren Lezen and she's making good progress. Clearly she's now at a point where she can read things truly by herself. Awesome.

The book was Pim en de vis, in the botjes series, and she finished it later in the evening.


To the rommelmarkt

I saw a Facebook post yesterday about someone selling a few Dutch things on the flea-market at Washington-Lee so we went there today, for the first time.

It was hard walking around there with the kids -- they wanted to see everything -- but we used our rule: "handjes op de rug" so at least no touching. We found Olga after a while and bought 2 Suske & Wiskes that we didn't have yet, and a sprookjesboek.

When we came back Nora went for a walk with Baka and Mia, and we brought the boys for a haircut.


Reading before breakfast is dangerous

We went to bed late after going for a walk along Key Boulevard, watching the Halloween decorations. The boys, thankfully, slept in so I brought Leo downstairs at 7.30 am. We read a book and then Adrian woke up, so we read another book together. That's a dangerous thing to do, because the clock starts ticking between waking up and breakfast. If the gap is too large, the boys get really cranky and will starting fighting with each other.

We were right on time this morning and we started breakfast without any incidents. Nora took the opportunity to sleep in, she wasn't downstairs until 8.45 am -- good for her.

Last night, when we were done watching the decorations, we drove back home and we passed the Silver Diner. Adrian said: "Dag hamburger! Dag broodje! Dag kaas! Dag saus!". After that the boys had a funny discussion about whether the "saus" in question was ketchup or not. "Ketchup scherp. Adrian nee ketchup. Meneer geeft saus". Leo: "die meneer heet ober." "Nee ober!" "Wel!" "Wel ober."


To Atlanta

I spent two days in Atlanta this week, where I visited our office and two of our data centers.

I traveled light and the boys enjoyed playing with my suitcase when I came back.


Halloween party

We went to Nora's Halloween party this morning. The boys were a little bit ambivalent about going to school for some reason ("nee juf!") but there were toys and sand and they were happy.

They ate a pretty healthy lunch too, with lots of fruit and a ham sandwich. Nora had a doughnut and few bites of brownie. Nora had a lot of fun with her friends and she was happy with her princess outfit.


Halloween shopping

On the door of the Halloween store a sign said "for kid-friendly route, follow green arrows". I walked with the three kids through the automatic doors and just as I was thinking "ah yeah, that makes sense, a kid-friendly route might be good for these little kids..." -- an enormous crying started left and right of me.

Right at the entrance there was a "animated crawling zombie" prop on the floor and it came crawling straight at us, making a lot of noise and with shiny red eyes. We ran out of the store and took cover. I felt bad for the guys but it was very funny too. It took several minutes, lots of cuddles and an assurance that the doll was gone before we could go back in.

We succeeded in buying a Halloween costume -- a shopping trip the boys won't quickly forget.

Nora wanted to be a fairy ("fee") but we couldn't really find that, so instead she is a princess now. Last weekend at a birthday party I heard her talking with her friend Graham about being fairy, and when we came home she said that she'll tell Eli that she'll be a princess instead.


A fall bike ride

I took the kids for a short bike ride after dinner. It was dark and drizzling but we're well equipped for that.


No more gates

Another milestone... we removed the gates to the living room. We used to have them to keep the guys in the living room but we haven't used them in the past several weeks.

Adrian went down the stairs a few times this week, all by himself.


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