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Opa & Oma arrived

Such a special treat -- Opa and Oma are here!


Fourth of July

The parade in Lyon Village is always a nice event. Last year the guys were still in their stroller, and on the pictures you can see that they weren't even wearing outdoor shoes yet.

This year I took them on the bakfiets which was a lot of fun.


Six Flags America

Today we went to Six Flags America, in Maryland, about 45 minutes from us.

My work organized an event for employees and we all got tickets and there was a lunch, a really nice gesture.

We all loved it. Adrian summarized it like this: "Adrian, hoe vond je het pretpark?" "Trein! Ekaka [helikopter]! Vlieg-tuig!"


Chestnut Hills Park

This morning we took the car and went to Chestnut Hills Park, a few minutes away from Heidelberg bakery.

It's a really nice park, with a good amount of spade and we had a great morning. There were a lot of toy cars in the park, and I think Leo and Adrian managed to get them all in the same place. Nora played with a group of other kids.


Leo and his bike

While we were making breakfast, Leo asked: "buiten?" and then Sasha: "вънка? кара колело?" and I asked him: "wat wil je buiten doen?" "Fiets!".

We gave Leo his balance bike yesterday and he's very enthusiastic about it. After breakfast he want outside again, going on the bike. That's quite different from how I remember my childhood, haha.

Adrian has more my sense of adventure:

"Adrian, wil je ook fietsen?"
"Nee fietsen, au! Vallen! Leo wel. Nora wel."


Bicycle race

We walked to Clarendon this morning to see the The Armed Forces Cycling Classic, a bicycling race on Clarendon and Wilson Blvd.

It's a big race, with professional riders and it was fun to watch the race and the things around it, such as the TV cameras and all the big cars and police trucks etc.

Earlier in the morning the fire brigade came to check out something at the YMCA so the kids saw a lot of firetrucks today.


4 day weekend

Today is a day off for us, and Monday is Memorial Day so it's a nice long weekend. A welcome break after a few hectic weeks.

The YMCA is getting a new gas line, so for the last few days there have been a few diggers and trucks at the street behind our house, much to the delight of the kids.

We had a minor social event this morning. Over breakfast Adrian was playing with the police car (a $0.50 purchase at King's Day) and the police horse carrier (a gift from Opa & Oma that has survived rough treatment pretty well).

After breakfast, Adrian left the police car alone and Leo saw his chance and took it. So after the diaper change, when Adrian came back in the living room, his police car was in his brother's hands, much to his chagrin. Since Leo was playing with it, Adrian had to find something else to do, but he wasn't very happy. A few minutes later, Leo was done playing with it, and came to Adrian with a big smile: "Adrian pie-pie auto" and gave the car to Adrian.


"Nee bijna thuis! Kip kopen!"

In the afternoon we went to Home Depot and got flowers for the deck. It was late and we decided to buy a take-out chicken, which the kids liked.

When we were leaving the highway, this dialogue ensued:

Leo: Bijna thuis.
Adrian: Nee bijna thuis! Kip kopen!
Nora: Patat kopen.
Adrian: Nee 'tat kopen! Kip kopen!


Joost & Ankie back home

Joost & Ankie and the kids are back in Rotterdam. After they left Arlington they went to New York City where they bicycled around Battery Park and saw the Brooklyn Bridge. They also visited Jonathan at his work in Manhattan, very cool.

It was heartwarming see them in person again, and we all had a really good time.


Walking tour YMCA redevelopment

On Monday night there was a walking tour and open house of the proposed YMCA redevelopment. It was interesting to walk around the block with the County representative, who explained some of the constraints of the terrain, and pointed out various things.

It was good to visualize the plans by walking around. This picture was taken where most of the plans call for a road connection onto Kirkwood Rd, there is currently a drive-way there.

Afterwards there was an open house, with updated plans. It seems likely that there will be townhouses along 13th St, where currently the parking lot of the YMCA is.


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